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Endless possibilities of decorating with Twinkly PRO

Twinkly PRO garlands are an opportunity to implement all the ideas of light decoration, creating installations of any scale and almost anywhere where there is electricity and the Internet.

decorating with Twinkly PRO

Professional and reliable

Twinkly PRO garlands are a more professional solution than just Twinkly. In particular, because they have a higher degree of protection – IP65, which allows you to use them outdoors in different weather conditions and temperatures from -20 ֯ C to +60 ֯ С.

ERC experts tested the performance of garlands during the cold winter of 2020-2021, when the temperature repeatedly reached -20 ֯ C. All installations have passed this test with dignity and proved their quality and reliability.

Twinkly PRO

Twinkly PRO garlands are visually different from Twinkly products. They have a larger cable thickness and a larger size of the actual LEDs. But the main difference is the functionality. Thanks to a separate controller to which Twinkly PRO garlands are connected, the user gets the opportunity to:

  • create garland groups of up to 60,000 lamps (ten times more than with Twinkly garlands);
  • remotely control and program light effects via PC (you can even program light scenes by day or hour).

The choice of lighting effects is not limited to those downloaded from the cloud and created in the application – you can additionally upload photos and videos via PC.

decorating with Twinkly PRO

Wireless simplicity

The “brain” of Twinkly PRO garlands is the controller. The consumer has the opportunity to choose one of the two controller options available in the domestic and global markets: Wi-Fi Twinkly PRO 400 and Twinkly PRO Ethernet Controller. Let’s look at their differences to know what to look for when choosing.

ATTENTION! Different Twinkly PRO controllers, like different types of LEDs, cannot be grouped together.

Wi-Fi Twinkly PRO 400 Created for small decorations. As the name implies, this controller offers the option of connecting via Wi-Fi (creates it yourself). This option makes the solution similar to working with Twinkly garlands, as it has the same logic of connection and control.

Wi-Fi Twinkly PRO 400

The controller has a degree of protection IP44 (and the updated version of 2021 – IP65) and allows you to create groups of up to 10 devices, ie up to 5,000 RGB LEDs (or AWW). You can also connect one garland for 250 LEDs or two garlands for 250 RGB (or AWW) LEDs using a splitter.

Twinkly PRO LEDs using a splitter

ATTENTION! RGBW LEDs will be able to output either one working line for 250 LEDs or two lines of 200 LEDs. The other 50 LEDs on each line will not light. However, if the consumer chooses the updated controller in 2021, he will not have this inconvenience.

The device connects in the same way as regular Twinkly controllers. The consumer needs to connect the power supply to the controller and connect the selected garland from the Twinkly PRO range. Then you need to download the Twinkly application to your smartphone, enter the standard Wi-Fi password, register, select the appropriate garland settings and click “Connect a new Twinkly device”.

This is followed by mapping, which is also available for group connection of garlands, as Twinkly garlands can be grouped into up to 10 devices (up to 5,000 LEDs).

ATTENTION! Twinkly PRO controllers can only be controlled through the Twinkly app on the iOS operating system.

With the control panel, the user can switch to standard downloaded demo effects. Even in this case, it is already possible to decorate a room or other room.

Complete and incredible

Twinkly PRO Ethernet Controller is the basis for creating large-scale controlled LED decorations in public or other outdoor and indoor spaces. The controller has six ports for connecting light garlands, a built-in power adapter and an optional Ethernet cable extension that allows you to connect it to a Wi-Fi network via any Twinkly PRO router or Wi-Fi bridge.

Each of the Twinkly PRO Ethernet controllers can control scenery of up to 1,500 RGB (or AWW) or 1,250 RGBW LEDs and create large-scale light scenery of up to 60,000 LEDs in one landscape group.

To connect the Twinkly PRO Ethernet Controller, connect the controller’s power supply to the selected type of garland from the Twinkly PRO range, connect the controller to any Wi-Fi router and connect it to the network.

Next, by analogy with the Wi-Fi controller, download the Twinkly application to your smartphone, enter the password from the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected, register, select garland settings and click “Connect new Twinkly device”. Then we mapping it.

Here, the user will find different mapping options useful for more accurate identification of each LED. Everything so that the installation clearly and in detail conveys what is intended.

Twinkly PRO garlands can be grouped up to 60,000 LEDs, allowing you to implement the largest creative projects to maximize attention.

The controller has a button to switch the effects loaded on it. This is useful when the user has a small project and when you need to quickly change the effects, but do not have a smartphone.

Twinkly PRO Ethernet Controller

There is not much convenience

If there is more than one controller in the light installation, it is better to use the Twinkly application or the Twinkly Cloud cloud storage via a PC.

Twinkly Cloud Cloud Storage lets you make an unlimited number of different landscape settings, create new effects, and sync them from your PC, mobile app, or remote control.

Another significant advantage of Twinkly PRO over other garlands is the presence of Music Player. This device helps Twinkly PRO LED songs play light to the beat of your favorite tunes. It has a very impressive and bright look and greatly expands the use of these garlands for any ideas and tasks.

Twinkly PRO Light Scenery is an opportunity to implement any large-scale ideas with light shows and scenery. All for the sake of each user’s wishes.

Twinkly PRO garlands, like Twinkly garlands, have features that allow you to identify and select the right product:

  • LED type with three types of RGB, AWW and RGBW lenses;
  • design, which currently has two series: line and curtains (this year we plan to expand the range of icicles and new types of lamps);
  • cable insulation color (black, green, white and transparent).

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