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Sonos. Revolution in the world of portable sound

Sonos made a loud statement with the release of Roam. From now on, really high-quality sound can be compact and technological, while retaining the key features of a portable speaker.

Sonos has introduced a new ultra-compact Roam speaker system. The novelty will impress even meticulous critics with its characteristics and purity of sound.

Sonos Legacy

American manufacturer of premium acoustics is one of the youngest and most successful companies in the sound industry. Sonos gained recognition and popularity by integrating the latest wireless technologies into speakers, and in fact invented the concept of “multiroom” and launched a new market segment.

The company is known primarily as a manufacturer of home speakers, players, home theater systems that can be integrated into a single home ecosystem without any additional wires. Sonos sound quality is perhaps one of the company’s top priorities and values, which has brought the brand to the level of premium sound whales, such as Bose, Bang & Olufsen, Bowers & Wilkins, Harman Kardon, etc.

Sonos Legacy

Sonos ecosystem that is always at hand

In 2020, Sonos released its first portable speaker system, the Sonos Move. The new compact device could easily replace the home speaker system and integrate into the Sonos home network, but it could also be moved and taken away. Although the Sonos Move is portable, it is definitely not compact, as this system weighs 3 kg and has a fairly large size. So, Move is perfect for a country trip in your own car, but in the case of long-distance travel by plane is unlikely to fit in luggage.

Realizing that users want to take the incredible sound of Sonos even further, the company decided to expand the line of portable systems with an ultra-compact speaker.

Sonos ecosystem that is always at hand

Sonos Roam

Rumors of new products in the Sonos portable line have been circulating since the beginning of the year, and in March 2021 the company announced the release of Roam – the smallest and most affordable Sonos speakers.

Roam is equipped with the same “key” technologies that were presented in Move. This includes built-in voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and automatic setup Trueplay. This feature uses the device’s microphones to determine the acoustic architecture of the environment and changes the playback settings accordingly.

And, of course, like its predecessor Move, the Roam system integrates into the Sonos home network, gaining access to all other network devices, peer-to-peer, broadcast, and more. However, the uniqueness of Roam is that the novelty can use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi at the same time, making it possible to transfer data to Roam via Bluetooth and then broadcast it to any other Sonos system at home.

Another unique feature of Roam is the new Sound Swap system, which was not previously available on Sonos devices.
This feature allows you to “move” the sound from Roam to the nearest Sonos system at the touch of a button, which is convenient to use when you return home from a walk.

Sonos Roam

Key Sonos Roam settings

  • Protection class IP67 – up to 30 minutes at depths up to 1 m
  • Support Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2
  • Support all popular streaming services
  • Ability to combine two Roams into a stereo pair
  • Heavy-duty case that protects against dirt and cushions light falls or bumps
  • Universal orientation – Vertical and horizontal
  • Compact size – 168 × 62 × 60 mm
  • Weight 0.43 kg
  • Up to 10 hours of playback
  • Optional wireless charger
  • Two Class H amplifiers and two speakers, tweeter and midrange

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