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Futuristic minimalism: a review of Microsoft Surface Earbuds headphones

“Our ears are as unique as fingerprints,” is a “message” Microsoft has decided to leave for the user as an inscription inside the headphone box. Indeed, Surface Earbuds have a unique place and stand out from the wide variety of similar wireless headphones from competitors.

This headset has an exceptional form factor, design and a set of features that are sure to attract the attention of a connoisseur of quality sound, who wants to stand out in the crowd and is not afraid of experiments. More details in the review.

Key Features:

  • unique design;
  • comfort and reliable fixation;
  • quality and clean sound;
  • intuitive touch control;
  • Eight hours of continuous listening without recharging.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds headphones


Microsoft Surface Earbuds are in a stylish white box with a compact size. In addition to headphones, the set includes a large enough box for charging Surface Earbuds, a Type-A charging cable for Type-C, two sets of removable inserts (small (S) and large (L), in addition to medium (M), which are already available) on the headset) and documentation.


The first thing that catches your eye is the unusual design of Surface Earbuds. Despite the simplicity and minimalist appearance, the design of the Surface Earbuds has many details that are worth focusing on.

For example, a rechargeable case has an elongated oval shape and a thin lid with the Microsoft logo. White glossy box is quite large and weighs 40 g (without headphones). At the bottom of the case is a button for Bluetooth connectivity, and at the back of the input for charging Type-C.

Inside you will find the headphones themselves and the LED that flashes while charging or lights up when connected.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds headphones: design

As for the Surface Earbuds themselves, they have a round shape that resembles a kind of “tunnel” in the ears. Visually, this is a rather unusual decision, but interesting and original.

The weight of each of the headphones is 7.2 g, you can hardly feel them when using them. They are easily placed in the ears and remain there without feeling discomfort for a long time. Because Surface Earbuds does not have active or passive noise absorption, these headphones do not touch the ear canal at all. This allows you to hear what’s going on around you, which I also think is an advantage.

I was also pleasantly surprised that Surface Earbuds do not slip or even fall out. They are really firmly fixed in the ears. You can easily run with them or do light sports. There is also IPX4 moisture protection.

In the case, the headphones are also firmly held by a magnet. So even if you turn the box over with the lid open (and shake well), the headphones won’t fall out.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds Software

Earbuds use standard Bluetooth 5.0 headphones and work on iOS, Android and Windows 10. So you can easily connect a smartphone or any other device via Bluetooth and start using.

To do this, you need to download the proprietary application Surface Audio on a smartphone, it allows you to easily and conveniently control the headset, shows the percentage of charge of each headphone and volume. You can also change the equalizer, headset name, view connected devices, turn off touch controls, view video instructions, change the language, and update the software.

Functionality and sound

The main controls are located on the touchscreen of the Surface Earbuds and are intuitive and easy to use. For example, the following interaction gestures are available:

  • Double-tap : play / pause, answer / end a call.
  • Long Touch : Call the assistant.
  • Swipe up and down on the right earpiece : adjust the volume.
  • Swipe right-left on the left earphone : Switch tracks.

In general, the gestures that control Surface Earbuds work well, but it takes some time to get used to.1

Earbuds with a diameter of 13.6 mm and a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. Two codecs are used for signal transmission – SBC or aptX. The sound itself is clear and bright, is in the middle range. The user also has access to the equalizer in the Surface Audio application, so you can adjust the sound of your favorite songs to your liking.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds headphones: sound

As already mentioned, Surface Earbuds has no noise absorption, so a trip to the subway with them will not give a perfect sound. However, Microsoft believes that the headset is primarily intended for use indoors, for example, in the office or at home, where background noise is not a problem.

By the way, Microsoft Surface Earbuds also has two microphones that work great – the voice is clear, extraneous noise is muffled.


In terms of autonomy, Earbuds provide up to eight hours of continuous listening without recharging. Up to 24 hours of playback are guaranteed with the case. Also, if you put them in the case for ten minutes, you get an extra hour of use.

The signal to recharge the case is the color of the diode under the lid: if it is white – the charge is sufficient, red – it’s time to connect the box to the power supply.


Surface Earbuds, thanks to their bold but functional design, stand out from the crowd with the same type of wireless headset. Their main advantages are comfort, battery life and sound quality. And intuitive gesture control allows you to truly free your hands from your smartphone and not be distracted from important things.

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