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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are bigger, more interesting and more advanced

The ninth month of the year has brought us a lot of news. However, every enthusiast of technology and electronics waited only for one moment. The moment was Apple’s conference, where it presented a lot of news. The biggest ones were iOS 8, Apple Watch and mainly iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus.

The new iPhone is already the 8th generation of mobile phones from Apple. It is already breaking all sales records and plans to sell up to 80 million units a year. Which is more than decent numbers and, of course, a large turnover, which ultimately has consequences like the rise of Apple shares in the markets. But the question is, why is that?

Changes and improvements

iPhone 6 and 6+ brought quite big, but quite expected changes. Probably the most important change compared to previous iPhones is the display, which has grown to 4.7 “and with a plus to 5.5”. The glass covering the display is rounded compared to the previous model. What happens the first time you touch the phone. In addition to rounded glass, it has aluminum and stainless steel. The combination completes the feeling of perfection and as if it were a new one-piece model. Even though the size of the phone is much larger, it still fits quite well in the hand. Another big change is moving the ON / OFF button from the top of the phone to the side, as we are used to with other competing phones. However, this change is positive, as the whole phone can now be operated with the thumb.

iPhone 6

This is a big plus, especially in terms of mobility, and it also reduces the chances of your phone falling out of your hand. The other buttons remain in place, as we used to. The shape change occurred with the volume control buttons that lost their specific circular shape. You will also not miss the fact that the new iPhone is a bit thinner, namely 6.9mm and the iPhone 6plus is 7.1mm. What adds to its elegance, but for some it can be disappointing, a more detailed look at the camera lens is possible. It is not flush with the back of the phone, but protrudes slightly. Of course, the manufacturer’s logo must not be missing on the back. You can choose the new iPhone 6 from three colors, gold, silver and gray.


iPhone 6 offers a resolution of 1334 × 750 px and its bigger brother iPhone 6 plus up to 1920 × 1080 px. Of course, both phones have a retina HD display with 16 mil. paints and oleophobic coating.
The display met expectations and the resolution in pixels is well designed for the dimensions of the display. The edges of the display have also narrowed slightly on the sides. In addition to the exquisite exterior and display, it also has a quality interior, which, although it has not made such a big hole in the world, will delight technology enthusiasts. The new generation brings a new processor, dual-core (M8 Motion Coprocessor) with 64-bits and bears the designation A8. The processor (CPU) is 50x faster and the graphics performance (GPU) is 84x, which is especially welcomed by owners who like to play with their iPhone, and there should also be a change when viewing complex documents and HD videos. Game fans and especially developers will welcome the new Metal technology, which offers game developers to get the most out of their graphics and processor. In addition to Metal, our iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus attract attention with a barometer that monitors the altitude at which you move, it also has an accelerometer and GPS. The third sensor is a gyroscope for motion detection.

RAM should only be around 1Gb. Quite a few. The change will not occur until the iPhone with a capacity of 128 GB, when the operating memory is 1 GB higher. The phone hardware offers a great foundation for the operating system. As for the cameras, the rear is equipped with 8 Mpix, LED flash and autofocus. It can record video in Full HD quality at 30fps (when using slow motion it is up to 240fps). There has been a change as it will please the timer and the new effect design. The front camera has 1.2Mpix only HD video and HDR function.


It uses more powerful LTE, so you may seem to have the whole world at your fingertips. LTE speeds of up to 150Mbps, allowing your iPhone to download and send data quickly. This improvement will be reflected mainly in streaming music, video but also in video calls. In addition to more powerful LTE, WI-FI has not been forgotten either, it can handle up to 3x faster connections. Not to forget the NFC, which will allow you to leave your wallet at home and replace it with an iPhone. The phone offers a new Pay service. You connect it with VISA / MasterCard or American Express and you can only pay by contactless phone, which after the connection with the fingerprint is even more of a quick payment. Payments remain secure even if your device is lost.

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