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Twinkly – better to see once than hear 100 times!

Twinkly is a new generation of LED decorations based on three types of LEDs that can be addressed by a included controller or through the free Twinkly app.

Three new types of new generation LED microlamps are used in garlands – RGB, AWW, RGBW.

A series of garlands based on RGB LEDs is called the Twinkly Multicolor Edition and produces 16 million ultra-bright colors and their tones. RGB colors are accentuated by a special lens shape: with a crystal clear flat surface and diffuse-scattering sides for uniform light without interfering with expressiveness and power. By the way, the Twinkly Multicolor Edition series is the most numerous in the total range of the three types.

Twinkly is a new generation of LED decorations

The AWW LED Garland Series is called the Twinkly Gold Edition and is designed for those who appreciate the benefits of perfection, the confidence of crystal clear white, metallic silver, ice-clear white light and calm kindness and temptations of warm white up to amber-gold tones. The design of these lamps with a special concave and completely transparent surface shines lights brilliantly and elegantly.

The most powerful RGBW collection, known as the Twinkly Special Edition . It is clear that this series combines all the advantages of the previous two – a full range of RGB with 16 million colors and vintage warm or cool white tones of the AWW spectrum. Therefore, this collection is both colorful and classic. This may be hard to imagine, but it can be reproduced and seen with it.


The Twinkly product family has design series, each of which uses three types of RGB, AWW and RGBW lamps. The series is defined by names that speak for themselves. There are six such constructive series:

Strings is a familiar garland, but Twinkly likes to call this series light strings or strings. This design is the most traditional and is characterized by sequential placement of lamps at a distance of 10 cm from each other.

Icicle. Icicles or rain. Such a garland is a sequence of short (2-6 lamps) vertically hanging segments in the form of minilinas on a horizontal carrier.

Curtain. Curtain is a sequence of long (2.1m) vertically hanging segments in the form of lines on a horizontal carrier.

Cluster. Cluster. Quite an interesting modification of the design of the usual garland for us, where the lamps are no longer in a chain, but as leaves, located on a stalk on short twigs that branch in all directions after 1.5 cm.

Spitzer. Star flash. This design is created from 40 rays coming from one point – the center.901

Prelit. Strings garland series. It is already installed and configured on Christmas trees, Christmas garlands or wreaths at the factory.

So, knowing the types of Twinkly LED lamps and the design series makes it much easier to choose the right garland. To this are added two more variations in the number of LED lamps in each series and in the color of the cable insulation.

That is, there are four criteria by which you can determine and select the desired Twinkly product:

  • LED type;
  • construct, which has six series;
  • number of LEDs on the line, ranging from 100 to 600 lamps;
  • Cable insulation color: black, green, white and transparent.

All this is contained in the Twinkly product code and name. As you can see, everything is quite easy and convenient.

Let’s move on to the most interesting: how to connect, configure and control. Let’s start by connecting the garland with the controller itself (included).

So, we take the garland out of the box, where there is an instruction that will help to understand if something goes wrong. Connect the power supply to the garland and turn it on. The remote control allows you to switch standard downloaded demo effects, so you can already decorate a room or a Christmas tree.

If you want more, you will need a smartphone. Download the Twinkly application to your smartphone, register and click to connect a new Twinkly device. We choose our garland, the application finds it and identifies it. Then we do its mapping, which opens up huge opportunities for scenery. After all, mapping is scanning the location of LEDs with a smartphone camera and patented Twinkly technology.

That is, no matter how you place the LEDs, with the help of mapping you will know exactly where they are located, and you will get a light effect according to the current location. You can even paint on this canvas, or change the available effects to your liking, or download them from the cloud.

Mapping is also available for group connection of garlands. After all, Twinkly garlands can be grouped up to 10 devices, which in turn can be up to 6,000 LEDs. Can you imagine a canvas of garlands with 6,000 LEDs that can be controlled from a smartphone? Really cool!

All Twinkly garlands have IP44 protection class, so you don’t have to worry if the garland gets splashed with champagne, raindrops or other liquids.

You can sync the garland with Smart Home devices and give Google or Alexa (in English, while improving it) to turn the garland on or off, adjust the brightness or change the colors.

Good news for music lovers – garlands are in sync with the music. This can be done through the application with effects that have a melody icon or through a special device – USB Dongle. We recommend using a USB Dongle. After all, he will not only do everything instead of a smartphone, but also offer almost a dozen new effects that will move and change to the beat of the music.

By the way, Twinkly is actively pursuing gaming, so Razer has benefited from managing premium products and Twinkly lighting effects. Twinkly is included in the list of products compatible with Chroma technology.

For those who do not have enough of these features, there are even more professional garlands – Twinkly PRO, which are ready to implement more commercial and large-scale projects of scenery, even in the open air. But all this is in another material.

Now let’s take stock.

Twinkly garlands can be called one of the best on the market, because among their features:

  • unique patented technology for recognizing the location of LEDs in space – mapping;
  • They can be used to create a synchronized cascade of garlands from 10 devices to 6,000 LEDs;
  • light accompaniment to musical compositions;
  • You can play, edit and generate your own unique light shows with them.
  • the ability to create any decorative light compositions from a huge number of variations of the range (type of LEDs, number of lamps, type of garlands, cable color);
  • IP44 protection class is confidence in the protection of garlands from moisture;
  • Opportunity to implement large-scale lighting projects with Twinkly PRO garlands.

Realize your whims and creativity with Twinkly light decorations!

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