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iOS 15: So deactivated your automatic night mode of the camera

Apple states that iPhones with a power-saviфng night mode are available, photos in the night. Dabei activates Night-Mode alerts automatically, when you turn on the camera. Unter iOS 15 is the only one and NextPit is still available, it still deactivates automatically.

With the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple sells our hand-held camera test with the best night mode. The night mode is activated automatically, it is for the iPhone camera to work on it. Under iOS 15 there is no possibility, the night mode can be deactivated.

So switch your night mode on your iPhone from

Beach, this feature – for the time point of translation of this article – only on devices with iOS 15 Beta available. Yes, the introduction of the latest iPhone generation is only a few days away, waiting for the new version of the operating system to be released soon.

About the night mode under iOS 15 to activate , must follow the following spelling:

  1. Open the settings .
  2. Scroll down and type on Camera .
  3. Search in the camera settings by option Hold settings and type in.
  4. Such an option night mode and related Euch, that the switch on “One” (green) is set.
So switch your night mode on your iPhone from
So deactivated your night mode on the iPhone. / © NextPit

Open your camera app now, “watch” the phone, and your night mode will be switched off when the camera is switched on. This means that you can only activate the night mode manually if you really need it.

Why should you deactivate night mode at all?

The activation of the night mode for the most useful iPhone users is very useful. Thanks for sure, Ihr fast immer gut beleuchtete, brauchbare Bilder erhaltet. Why do you want to turn off the night mode after the overhaul?

As it turns out, there is a large group of iPhone users who don’t particularly like the sometimes aggressive brightening of iOS’s night mode. These users tend to prefer the “authentic” low-light look of an image that is not about buzzing as much light as possible. Recognize the can of automatic night mode. More tips and tricks for your photos with your smartphone found in the linked article. Then we have a related article for you, in which we have smartphones-photos under the high-quality lighting options. Share our eru experiences with the mode in the comments with.

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