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Futura thinks about the artificial intelligence of the future with Le Point Genius

Futura is 20 years old! To celebrate this anniversary year with great fanfare, we have concocted lots of pretty surprises on the site, but also on our social networks. The biggest is yet to come, our magazine. We exclusively reveal one of its themes, artificial intelligence.

At Futura, we like to search the Web to find the best scientific and technical subjects, and dissect them for you with the help of our experts! But in recent months, we have embarked on an even greater challenge. If you follow Futura closely, dear readers, you have already heard wind of some clues about this mysterious project. If you’re taking the train on the way, see you right here ! In the meantime, here is another glimpse of what the 200+ pages of scientific decryption we have prepared for you have in store for you. We will be discussing artificial intelligence with a distinguished guest.

Tech, part of Futura’s DNA

One of our major favorite themes, c is tech. Every day, our journalists inform you about the mobility of the future, big data, or even cryptocurrencies. The XXL dossier to be published is focused on the major challenges of the future: artificial intelligence or AI. It is already a significant part of our daily life, but how will artificial intelligence develop in the future to support humanity? What are the challenges ahead?

Artificial intelligence today and tomorrow

Who better to talk about it with optimism than PH Largillière, the face of the channel YouTube Le Point Genius! Since 2016, he has published popular science videos dedicated to geniuses, these great minds who have changed the world through their scientific work, but also science and technology, all “without taking the lead”. “ For me, it is essential to understand the world in which we live “, says this curious about everything. Without in-depth scientific studies, but with a furious desire to promote knowledge and the transmission of knowledge, he deals with topical subjects or deciphers the questions that everyone is asking. For Futura, he tackles a complex and fascinating subject: how was artificial intelligence born and what services can it provide to humanity?

 Futura's DNA

These questions will also be at the heart of Futura magazine’s dossier. Beautiful subjects and beautiful paper to fully understand the scientific issues of tomorrow in tech, health, environment and space! Stay tuned , there will still be plenty of surprises.

You know that ?! This year, Futura celebrates its 20th anniversary! And, on this occasion, your favorite media has concocted a whole bunch of surprises.

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Stay tuned to celebrate these two decades of success!

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