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Summer evaluation of rechargeable batteries, brands and endurance

Today, for all devices, cameras and camcorders that use classic AA pencil batteries, it pays to buy a charger and a few rechargeable batteries for many. It will definitely pay off for someone who uses batteries often. But be careful. Rechargeable batteries don’t have to be a prize. Twice a year, an interesting offer of cheap rechargeable batteries appears in the unnamed supermarket. The shares work similarly in Austria, where another brand is available and also at a good price. Those batteries for a few crowns will eventually make you more nerve-wracking than money. The following results are based on a small test. We tested four brands and regularly started using them in a digital camera at once. Opinions are from the perspective of the average user. Many parameters are a Spanish village for 95 percent of the general population… so?

GP 2700 NiMH

Probably the most famous brand of GP batteries is one of the mainstays on the market and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Good experience with others of the same with the designation 2500 NiMH was about the same. Satisfaction, rechargeable and endurance. The batteries have been charged several times since November, even repeatedly within a month, and they work without problems with only a slight reduction in endurance.

HAMA 2500 NiMH

All-metal HAMA batteries look dull, but they’re a great buy that can’t be regretted. These batteries are the absolute top in this small test. After some other brands go out, HAMA still holds on and is deliberately being used as a reliable source of energy even now, without the use of others. HAMA cost only a little more than GP, ​​but the investment in quality will definitely pay off.

TRONIC Energy 2500 NiMH

batteries from the affordable category from a supermarket in Slovakia. Two batteries withstood 3 charges, two more withstood four charges, and subsequent attempts to charge were only about three to five photos.

VAPCELL 21700 4000 mAh 30A 3.7V Rechargeable High Capacity ...

ACTIV Energy 2300 NiMH Battery

brandless batteries bought at the Hoffer network in Austria at a good price. The batteries lasted about 7 to 8 charges. The second equally used package lasted about as long. Subsequently, their lifetimes began to decline rapidly. Maybe after 12 charges they didn’t serve a single photo and they were just a load in the bag.

GP ReCyko + NiMH HR6 Type .2050 mAh 1.2V

we were satisfied with the batteries in every use. They have a decent liveliness similar to the mentioned HAMA or GP. They have been charged more than 20 times and there are no observable changes in quality. The battery is characterized by a green color.

BlueBaby NiMH 2600 mAh

In our experience, these batteries are a really bad joke. One was bought in the Czech Republic as the only one they had on offer in one necessary case for 85 CZK per battery two years ago. However, we managed to get the same new batteries again in March of this year under the same circumstances – as a last resort, but the fact that it is the same brand and appearance did not come to mind at that time. The former absolutely failed after the second charge. The strangely light weight of the batteries did not bode well for the second time. They lasted only 3 or 4 charges and then went out completely. With the high price for these batteries, it is absolutely not worthwhile to buy them for one or two full charges. When I bought these batteries, I wasn’t the only one who wanted to return them and demand compensation that one dared to trust them at all.

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