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We choose an LED TV in the offer of Slovak e-shops

Today we decided to go online and look for interesting prices for LED TVs. This novelty has many qualities that we have already talked about here. It works with perhaps all modern equipment, offers amazing colors, amazing blacks, low power consumption and many other capabilities. Since such things tend to be quite expensive, let’s look at stores, price comparators and add a few opinions to each finding. Intentionally, if something in a particular store can’t be understood immediately and it’s tangled, I won’t stay in it for long and I’m going elsewhere. Opinions may be useful to you, so I include them as well. Before we take a closer look at the current offers and some tips, you can also look at the pages about LED TVs at www.ledtv.name or about Blu-Ray technology at www.blu-ray.ledtv.name.


Sites I haven’t known yet, but I came here to choose from a friend’s recommendation. LED TVs really are on offer. There are several TV manufacturers to choose from. For example, if you want to choose Philips and LG, the web will start to behave strangely and tell you only one option. I sorted the TVs by price, but nothing happens. The picture also shows what sorting by price has arrived. Well, I’ll look at it by hand and find it. cheapest model Samsung UE19C4000 for a nice price of 248.10 € and I hope also with VAT. There is no mention of VAT anywhere, so the concern is justified. The TV is smaller 19 ″ (48 cm) with a resolution of 1366 x 768. Well, the TV viewer is looking for something bigger and so am I. Therefore, the next choice is a TV with at least a diagonal of 26 ″ / 66 cm LG 26LE3300 for the price of 377.16 €.



The claimed e-shop will allow you to find the electronics and LED TVs section in seconds. Everything is going fast. The cheapest LED TV is the LG 19LE3300, which is 19 inches but will delight the equipment. The price is € 214 with the clear information that it is a price with a recycling fee and VAT. The LG 22LE3300 model with a 56 cm diagonal for the price of € 249 also looks good. Throughout the comparison, the view of the GRUNDIG 32 VLE 3000 with a diagonal of 81 cm (32 inches) with a viewing angle of more than 170 ° looks really glamorous.


At Pricemania, I set out to request pure TVs by price. The cheapest TV is Q-MEDIA LED TV Q1119 for the price of 168, – € with a clearly visible indication that this is the price with VAT. The TV has a 19 ″ monitor, DVB tuner, connection to a computer but not HDMI. For example, the LG LED TV 32LE5310 with a price of € 445.23 entered the field of view. Captured 82 cm diagonal, Full HD, response time 2.4 ms. Pricemania will also lead to the Samsung UE32C4000, as another thing that has caught the eye. Quality TV prices are falling, know it. But very, very slowly. This TV is priced at € 394 and has a diagonal of 80 cm. HD ready, 1366 × 768 resolution and much more. This product was introduced to the e-shop Shoppie.sk

We will continue in a similar spirit. After half a year of LED TV presence on the market, it does not look like prices will fall significantly. Even the search engines of other sites did not offer any significant differences. I also looked at Heureka.sk and a few others. Although an LED TV is a quality device, always ask for advice when buying it. Unfortunately, experience shows that the salesman can sometimes tell the client only what he wants or the client wants to hear. Have a few models compared, and if you don’t have the convenience of other features, consider whether you really need HDMI, for example. One never knows. It seems that we will still see really great prices. Or did you use an interesting event yourself, or do you know of one in Slovakia? Let us know. Exceptionally, I will also accept a link to an e-shop with a good offer. Comments are also here today for commercial links.

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