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Is the electric car right for you?

On paper, the electric car is attractive. But in practice, is it really the right car for you? This is the question to which the My Electric Car Test app will help you find the answer. To experience its functions, do not hesitate to participate in the co-beta test in progress on the EDF Pulse & You platform.

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Buying a car is an investment. It is also today, perhaps more than ever, a commitment. More and more French people are turning to the electric car every year. It is in fact considered to be cleaner than a gasoline or diesel car. At least in practice. But is it the right car for you? Isn’t that ultimately the most important question to ask yourself before taking the plunge?

I am testing this application to find out if the electric car is right for me!

To help you answer it, there is an application : ” My Electric Car Test “. A co-beta test of this solution is underway on the EDF Pulse & You platform. So, feel free to download it, register with code 202101, and then share your experiences with the Pulsers.

What experiences are these? Thanks to this application, you will be able to simulate your journeys as if you were driving an electric car. Live, by getting behind the wheel of your current vehicle. Or by entering routes manually.

Everything to inform your decision-making

The idea is to accompany you in your decision-making, you will need to fill in some basic information beforehand such as the consumption of your current vehicle or the type of electric car you might consider purchasing . Information that will allow the application to make all the comparisons that are useful.

Electric cars

Then, you just need to get started. On the road or from your sofa. For example, test your daily journeys. The office, the shopping, the children’s school. The “My Electric Car Test” application gives you an estimate of your journey time, the amount of battery used and the cost of recharging. As well as a comparison of these elements for the same trip made with your thermal vehicle. Likewise when you set out on the road to vacation. You can therefore assess, on the basis of these figures, whether the electric car is made for all or only some of the uses that you expect.

The application also offers balance sheets that give you additional details that can be quite useful. The fact that the range of the electric car selected may not be sufficient for your use. Or recommendations for charging methods, at home or away from home. An estimate of the monthly cost of using this electric car compared to using your gasoline or diesel car. And even a glance at the financial aid available to you depending on your situation. After that, you will have no more reason to hesitate!

Subject produced in partnership with the EDF teams

What to remember

  • A new co-beta test campaign is in progress since June 1, 2021 on the EDF Pulse & You platform . It aims to assess your expectations in terms of electric cars.
  • Until November 3, you are invited to test the application ” My Electric Car Test “ designed to assist you in your purchasing decision.
  • A machine coffee maker, an on-board camera or even an induction car charger. It is the gifts reserved for those who share experiences and ideas that have captured Pulseurs’ attention the most.
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