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ERC and LEDVANCE: Bright projects to develop cooperation and improve the quality of life

Finval Boats Sales Lounge Project

Finval Boats was founded in 2007 in Kyiv.

The main goal is to become a world leader in the production of sports aluminum fishing boats for international competitions and just for water recreation (by the way, the goal has been achieved and the company is rapidly capturing markets – offices around the world) .

The quality and requirements of any process is critically high at all levels.

Process Mechanics

How can we help you with your projects?

1. We process your requests for lighting design and equipment selection as quickly as possible. ERC specializes in lighting solutions and sent us relevant inquiries, including for internal projects. We are able to solve any task in the best way for you.

2. Technical conditions (TU) are required from the partner. For our part, we find out all the necessary information, go to the object and clarify all the details. We compile a short TK for you and yourself. Object area, purpose, ceiling height, color and structure of surfaces, visual task, connection points, etc. We fix. We check again and move on.

Ideal if we meet at the stage no later than in the photo. This is important: 90% of success – in the implementation is to count all the options in advance, sometimes you need an order item with a long delivery time.

Process Mechanics

3. On the basis of the vehicle we select lamps that optimally solve your problem. Color characteristics, power, type, layout and make a lighting calculation on the selected equipment with the specified characteristics in accordance with the TK.

Process Mechanics

In this case, we needed to solve the problem of the maximum possible uniform illumination, to properly transfer the color of the entire space and demonstrate the reflectivity of surfaces. The visitor must see everything “in the best light”.

4. We protect the project, register, provide a project discount, place orders.

5. We come in case of need for installation.

Process Mechanics

LEDVANCE equipment used

Note that in this project we used the following equipment:

  • Built-in downlights Osram DL ALU [25W / 4000K]
  • Osram PL PFM 600 36W / 4000K PU 4 LED Panels
  • Frame for overhead mounting Osram ECOPANEL 600 SURFACMOUNTKIT PU

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