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Innovative Philips headphones for all needs

New Philips, which, in addition to quality sound and aesthetic pleasure, will give real inspiration, motivation and concentration on important moments without too much noise.

Philips TAT5505 with hybrid active noise reduction

Man listening to Philips TAT5505

The Philips TAT5505BK Wireless In-Ear Headphones can handle any task, from listening to your favorite content to answering phone calls. Thanks to the elegant design and the hybrid active noise reduction system, there will be no obstacles between the user and the music. And a special mode of perception of external sounds will help not to lose vigilance when using a headset.

The powerful 8mm TAT5505BK neodymium speakers deliver great sound for every track, playlist and more. You can use a special Philips Headphones app to personalize your audio controls (such as improving bass or lowering treble).

Reliable fixation is provided by a special oval acoustic tube that comfortably and securely fits in the ears and increases passive noise isolation. In addition, the TAT5505BK headphones will be a great choice for sports, because they support the IPX5 protection standard and are not afraid of moisture. The charger case provides up to 20 hours of playback, which allows you to stay away from your favorite content for a long time.

Philips TAT5505

  • Product code: TAT5505BK / 00
  • Type TWS
  • Speaker diameter 8 mm
  • Security Class IPX5
  • ANC feature
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Maximum range up to 10 m
  • Color Black

Philips TAH9505 for full immersion

Man sitting and listening music through Philips TAH9505

Philips TAH9505BK over-the-air headphones provide full immersion when listening to your favorite tracks. Optimally tuned 40mm speakers create deep bass, balanced midrange and bright treble. Extra comfort is provided by soft ear cushions and an arch that is almost imperceptible during use. The right ear cushion has built-in touch controls for music and calls, as well as buttons for the ANC function.

In addition, the ear cushions fold easily horizontally, making it easy to carry the headset in a bag or backpack. Philips TAH9505BK also guarantees up to 27 hours of content playback, even with ANC enabled, so get comfortable and enjoy your favorite music as much as you want.

Philips TAH9505 headphones

  • Product code: TAH9505BK / 00
  • Type wireless overhead headphones
  • Speakers 40mm
  • ANC feature
  • Version Bluetooth 5.0
  • Maximum range up to 10 m
  • Play time up to 27 hours

Philips TAN5205 with low frequency amplification

Lady with Philips TAH9505 headphones

The Philips TAH5205 wireless over-ear headphones feature powerful 40mm neodymium speakers and a bass boost button. BASS button – saturated bass with one click. All melodies are waiting for their time, as the headphones provide up to 29 hours of playback, have a fast charging function and a reliable Bluetooth connection. This model of headphones is made in a matte black body, has a soft headband, which is so light that it is almost imperceptible. Due to the fact that the ear cushions can be folded horizontally and turned inwards, the headphones are always convenient to take with you, store in your pocket or bag.

Philips TAH9505 headphones

  • Product code: TAH5205WT / 00, TAH5205BK / 00
  • Type wireless overhead headphones
  • Speakers 40mm
  • Bass Boost BASS
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Hours up to 29 hours
  • Color Black and White

Philips TAH6005 for watching TV content

Man watching TV and wearing Philips TAH9505 headphones

With the Philips TAH6005BK Wireless TV Headphones, you can enjoy your favorite shows, movies or TV series without disturbing your surroundings. 30mm speakers deliver clear sound, and full-size earbuds have an overhead design for excellent passive noise isolation. The lightweight design is extremely comfortable, especially for watching evening series, so as not to wake anyone from home.

By the way, these wireless headphones for TV automatically select the best available FM connection, providing clear sound without delay. So you don’t need to configure anything, and the wireless range (100 m) allows you to listen to content anywhere in the house.

Wireless Philips TAH9505 headphones

  • Product code: TAH6005BK / 10
  • Type wireless overhead headphones
  • Purpose for TV
  • Speakers 30mm
  • Working range 100 m
  • Frequency range 20-20,000 Hz
  • Battery life 18 hours

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