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Sensational headphones from the legendary manufacturer Koss

The world-famous American company Koss was founded in 1953. Koss is still one of the market leaders, providing a wide selection of headphones and headsets for every taste and for all tasks.

Probably Koss – the founder and specialist in personal and professional audio – has one of the most famous and oldest models of headphones in the world. Guess what? Of course, about Koss Porta Pro. The headphones, which still sell well today, first hit store shelves in 1984.

Koss Porta Pro Classic Headphones

Product code: 192485.101

Koss Porta Pro are characterized by a high level of comfort, have adjustable temporal pads to relieve pressure from the ears. Lightweight waterproof ear cushions allow listeners to be aware of what’s going on around them while enjoying exceptional sound quality. Oxygen-free copper coils and dynamic drivers allow the Koss Porta Pro portable headphones to transmit rich bass and a surprisingly wide frequency range. Folds compactly – convenient to transport. The set includes a case for secure storage. Wherever the user listens to music, Koss Porta Pro will create a sense of presence.

  • Connect 3.5mm mini-jack
  • Frequency range 15-25,000 Hz
  • Cable length 1.2 m

Koss TWS150i and TWS250i Headphones

Product code: 196594.101, 196817.101

Koss TWS150i and TWS250i Headphones

The company is currently expanding its range of wireless headphones. Among the models are the True Wireless TWS150i, which has already won many fans in the US, and the new TWS250.

The Koss TWS150i easily connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. These wireless headphones also have a built-in microphone. With the speakerphone feature, you can make calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. Powerful dynamic drivers provide impeccable playback quality – you can enjoy your favorite music anywhere. Isolation from ambient sounds is due to the intra-channel design of the headphones.

The Koss TWS150i headphones support voice messaging, notifications of device status, battery level, and incoming calls. The operating time of the KOSS TWS150i headphones without recharging is at least 5 hours. It can be extended for more than 20 hours by using a charging case. Battery level indication is provided on iOS devices.

Accessories: a set of silicone earbuds in three sizes (S / M / L), a practical charging case, microUSB cable.

  • Connect Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery life up to 5 hours and up to 4.5 hours
  • Case life up to 25 hours and up to 30 hours

Koss BT740iQZ ANC Headphones

Product code: 196718.101

Koss BT740iQZ ANC Headphones

Koss also has the BT740iQZ range in its range – full-size wireless headphones that support all the basic features. The headset is equipped with active noise reduction technology ANC with the ability to work in Low or High mode, or without it. The ANC control button is also located on the right cup of the headphones. Dynamic drivers with a diaphragm diameter of 40 mm are responsible for sound quality, which will always delight with pure high frequencies and balanced bass. Another new useful feature is voice messages that inform the headset mode, battery charge status, and incoming calls.

Koss BT740iQZ headphones work without recharging for at least 35 hours. Battery charging time – 3 hours. Indicates the battery charge level on the device to which the headphones are connected (iOS only).

Includes two cables – audio and USB – and a soft travel case.

  • Connect Bluetooth 5.0
  • Active Noise Canceling (ANC) yes
  • Battery life up to 35 hours

Headset Koss CS95 and СС100

Product codes: 195372.101, 195512.101, 194811.101, 194556.101

Headset Koss CS95 and СС100

The Koss brand is actively growing in the current category of headsets for personal computers. Budget models CS95 and CS100 are suitable for call centers, offices and just for home use, providing the effect of live conversation. Minimal sound distortion and an electret microphone with passive noise absorption make any task easier. This one-sided headset makes it easy to communicate while staying up to date.

  • Connect 3.5mm / 2 × 3.5mm / USB
  • Frequency range 30-16,000 Hz
  • Cable length 2.4 m

Koss CS295-USB and СS300-USB headset

Product codes: 194168.101, 194283.101

Koss CS295-USB and СS300-USB headset

The more expensive CS300-USB (binaural headset) and CS295-USB (monoaural headset) are suitable for office work, language training, and online conferencing.

With these headsets, the user will be in touch, staying “connected” to the outside world. Thanks to the unique design of the bowl, which is made in the shape of the Latin letter D and repeats the anatomical shape of the ear, the CS300-USB and CS295-USB headsets provide maximum comfort, even with prolonged use.

  • USB Connection
  • Frequency range 20-22,000 Hz
  • Cable length 2.4 m

Koss GMR-545-AIR and GMR-540-ISO USB Headset

Product codes: 191958.101, 194233.101, 192170.101, 194142.101

Koss GMR-545-AIR and GMR-540-ISO USB Headset

Koss will also be of interest to gamers, as the GMR-545-AIR (open type) and GMR-540-ISO USB (closed type) line of headsets are just for them. The headset is specially designed to create a realistic atmosphere that enhances the experience of the game and allows you to fully immerse yourself in it.

With the ultra-lightweight design with adjustable headband, headsets can be worn for many hours. These full-size headphones feature the iconic Koss D-Profile cup, which replicates the shape of the ear, providing absolute sound insulation and comfort.

Includes two detachable cables: a 2.4-meter extended cable with a flexible rod microphone (with separate microphone and headphone jacks) and a standard 1.2-meter Koss 1-touch built-in microphone cable (with standard plug) 3.5 mm).

  • Connect USB / mini-jack (3.5mm)
  • Acoustic design closed / open
  • Frequency range 15-22,000 Hz
  • Microphone removable, remote

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