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SuperEQ Q2 Pro: a good alternative to Airpods Pro?

Despite its relative youth, the wireless headphone market is probably one of the most saturated with hundreds of references to difficult to decipher data sheets. Contrary to what Apple, Sony and others might lead you to believe, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to have access to good true wireless headphones, moreover with active noise reduction. .

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The Hong Kong firm SuperEQ is known for its competitively priced active noise canceling headphones in a market where this technology often raises the mark. More recently, it has developed true wireless headphones that also feature ANC and they are the ones we are going to focus on today.

Discover the SuperEQ Q2 Pro

The SuperEQ Q2 Pro: the promise active noise reduction for less than 50 euros

But what exactly is the ANC? This is a noise reduction technique using auxiliary speakers to send out a Sound waves can be subjected to sound wave which opposes the one that we want to mitigate. Even if it is not uncommon to see headphones with active noise reduction around 50 euros, the headphones are in a different category.

Miniaturization requires, the costs have tend to go upward when complex technologies like this are added to such small devices. Usually, you have to spend at least a hundred euros to access the ANC, but you can quickly go up to 200 euros for more premium models like the AirPods Pro. The SuperEQ Q2 Pro are offered for less than 50 euros on the manufacturer’s website with the code “Futura” which allows you to benefit from a 15% discount.

The SuperEQ Q2 Pro: the promise active noise reduction for less than 50 euros

They offer an active reduction of up to 33dB which, coupled with the presence of in-ear tips, filters up to 90% of the noise. Noise-canceling headphones are often accompanied by a “Indeed, when the frequency of a wave that transparency “which is not lacking on the Q2 Pro. This mode allows sound to enter through the microphones of the headphones and it will therefore be possible to discuss or hear your surroundings without removing your pair of true wireless .

Flawless autonomy on SuperEQ Q2 Pro

With the ANC enabled, headphones often suffer from reduced battery life but this is not the case with the SuperEQ Q2 Pro which benefit from 7 hours of listening with the noise reduction at 50% of the volume maximum, plus 28 hours in the charging case. With the option off, the headphones will even be able to go up to 11 hours of listening time and an additional 30 hours in the case. They are not left out in terms of sound either, thanks to 12 mm drivers and bluetooth 5.2 which provides connectivity. Crystals and amorphous solids
At scale solid even at several meters away! With their simple and discreet design as well as the in-ear tips, they should hold easily whatever the morphology of your ears.

Discover the SuperEQ Q2 Pro

The SuperEQ Q2 Pro are currently for pre-order on the brand’s website with a delivery which should take one to two weeks depending on your location.

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