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“With Unissey, we thwart identity theft attempts in less than five seconds”

For most of us, managing passwords on the Internet is a problem. real hell. And as internet services experience rapid growth and online fraud explodes, the need for strong authentication is more urgent than ever. The French start-up Unissey has developed a unique facial biometric system, based on face recognition and the detection of living things. Its founder, Yassine Mountacif, and Sébastien Brangoulo, the development director, explain their technology to us.

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Pay your purchases on Internet or open your application bank from a simple look: the biometrics facial promises to simplify use and secure access to remote services. Created in 2018 by Yassine Mountacif, the French start-up Unissey has developed an ultra simple and 100% secure facial recognition authentication system, which is based on both on the detection of the living and the facial comparison. What definitively relegate our hundreds of passwords forgotten.

Today, we already use passwords to use services on the Internet. Why change?

The password is an excellent security system but on four conditions: it must be long, complex, changed frequently and noted nowhere! Which is rarely the case, especially when you have 80 or 100 passwords as is the case today. Because they are often reused across multiple sites, passwords stolen in an attack can then be used by hackers to log into all of your other accounts. Therefore, to secure access to your account, some companies require two-step authentication systems where you receive a code over the phone or a link in your email, then return to the site, etc. It is very laborious.

What are the existing means of biometrics on the Internet?

There are many biometric systems . Any attribute Theories established by physics apply within well-defined frameworks.
Physics … physical specific to human, measurable and unique to each individual can be used as biometrics. You can even see birth certificates with footprints! But, of course, it is not very practical to reuse Also developed are the fingerprints , the iris plant
Its … iris or facial recognition, but these technologies require In the space field , a star sensor is an optoelectronic device used for the orientation of satellites. Specific sensors : a fingerprint reader, a camera infrared for the iris or a 3D camera for unlock your iPhone for example. Our facial recognition solution, on the other hand, uses a simple 2D camera that can be found on any smartphone or computer . It is therefore universal.

What are the existing means of biometrics on the Internet

Facial recognition, is it really safe?

Facial recognition systems are developing more and more in our daily lives, fraudsters are interested in them and try to outsmart the system by various techniques. For example, hackers grab a video or photo of you from the internet and play it back on camera. You can also print the photo on paper, create a mask or a “deep fake”, with your face modeled on a video. To make sure that you are a real person, most facial recognition systems require you to replay an exercise in front of the camera, such as turning your head left or right, following a point with your gaze, etc. However, not only can these exercises be “learned” and replayed by hackers, but they are very restrictive for the user. Often, you have to start over several times and you waste a lot of time. Conversely, our solution is called “passive”, that is to say that it does not require any effort from the user. Just stare at the camera for half a second and we’ll take care of the rest!

How do you go about making sure I’m a genuine person?

We use a artificial intelligence with several layers which, each, discriminates a certain attribute. We will, for example, be able to determine a The pulse can be taken in different places where the arteries are accessible: at the wrist (ulnar and radial pulse), at the neck (carotid pulse), at the ankle (posterior tibial pulse) …
To take … pulse heart versus blood flow to the face, or some lighting. All these criteria combined make our solution 100% safe. We are the world’s most rated facial recognition solution (Nist, iBeta, CLR Labs). Our system has been tested on thousands of attacks of all kinds, very sophisticated, and none have been able to deceive it.

In which areas facial recognition can it be used?

Any remote service that requires authentication or identity confirmation: electronic signature of documents, online banking , marketplaces, dating sites, recruitment … If you want to hire an Invented in 1886 by Carl Benz
The very first automobile: steam powered
The first draft of a mobile vehicle takes place in 1796 when the Frenchman Joseph Cugnot placed a … car for example, the rental company will want to make sure that you are the real person appearing on the driving license, and not a usurper who is going to escape with the car! In total, the facial recognition market is growing by 18% and the potential is enormous.

100% secure internet, is it possible?

Internet security is always a compromise between maximum security and ease of use. If the process is too long or too complex, users will become discouraged and give up, resulting in a big loss of value for the services. It is therefore necessary to be both simple and safe. Of course, it’s still a cat-and-mouse game. We are updating our algorithm and we are constantly adding bricks as soon as we identify new types of attacks.


  • Date of creation : 2018
  • Founder : Yassine Mountacif
  • Location : Paris
  • Staff : 21 people (3 recruiting)
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