How to copy audio from DVDs

How to copy audio from DVDs

Many live concerts of live singers or bands can be listened to again on special DVD videos a few months after the event, containing all the sequences and high-quality recordings of the song (made directly with the mixers used during the event.. ). If you love the songs you sing live so much that you want to listen to them on your smartphone, car, or any other listening device, this guide will show you programs to extract the highest quality DVD audio . to convert digital songs that can be listened to on modern devices. In order to maintain the high quality of your DVDs, we will also advise you on which audio format to choose during the process and which hardware components to use so you can proceed quickly and smoothly. Apparently we will only report on free programs so if we already have everything we need from a material point of view, we can do the extraction without paying a euro

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To rip audio from DVDs, you must have a DVD player or DVD burner installed or connected to our computer. If our computer is a few years old on our shoulders or we are using a desktop computer, it is likely that a drive or burner is already included, you just need to open the appropriate port and insert the optical drive inside.

But if we have a modern ultra-thin laptop or a self-assembled desktop computer, it is unlikely that a DVD burner will be included in the devices included in the data sheet (this is because optical discs are in a steep decline). In this case, we can fix it with minimal cost, by purchasing an external DVD burner that can be connected via USB to any computer.
These devices are very easy to use: they plug into a free USB port on your computer, wait a few minutes and are instant ready, because the drivers are automatically installed in any of the latest versions of Windows. Immediately after connecting the burner, you can insert a DVD and prepare to use one of the following programs.

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The best programs for copying audio from DVD

Once the DVD is inserted in the player or burner, let’s take a look at the best programs to quickly and easily extract audio from DVDs.

Movavi video converter

One of the best programs we can use to extract audio from a DVD is Movavi Video Converter.

To add a DVD, click on the top left Add Files -> Add DVD -> Open DVD . Wait a few minutes to scan, then select the video that contains the songs you want to listen to, click the menu at the bottom of audio and select AAC 320 Kbit / s as your conversion profile. > When the configuration is complete, click Convert . In a few minutes, the program will extract the sound from our DVD and record it directly from the interface (with the Save to button).

The program is undoubtedly one of the best for converting audio recordings to DVD, but it also has limitations: all functions can be used for only 7 days, and only half of the selected audio can be converted.

ImTOO DVD Audio Extractor

Another program we can try to copy audio from a DVD is ImTOO DVD Audio Ripper.

This program is designed for the sole purpose of extracting audio from any “stored” DVD. First, run the program, insert the DVD into the drive or burner, and click on the disc symbol at the top so you can open it inside; after uploading, select the video that contains the songs you intend to listen to, select the profile at the bottom of the CAA , select the file name File name in the field, select as the sound quality haute , select the destination folder destination in the field and finally click Convert (top button). In a short time, we will prepare our audio file for listening.

However, this program also has limitations: we can only convert only the first 3 minutes of each video for free, forcing us to use a paid license to convert the entire video (often exceeding one hour). .


If you want to get audio from a DVD completely free of charge without having to submit to the restrictions of the programs shown above, you can use VLC.

Already known as one of the best free players for Windows, few know its potential as a video converter. To use it to rip audio from a DVD, prepare it by clicking Tools -> settings , inserting the DVD into a burner or drive, clicking Moyenne -> Open Disc , use the Look Over key, select DVD, and select Convert instead of Play in the menu below. b>, with a small triangle-shaped button.

The window will change format: select profile Sound – FLAC voice profile , select security path with View Over > (select any folder on your computer), then press starts .

Video will play quickly from VLC while conversion is in progress. At the end of the process, click on stop and listen to the FLAC file with the same VLC, which is also available for mobile devices (if you want to listen to the FLAC file on a smartphone) -> VLC for Android and VLC for mobile iOS.


How to unlock protected DVDs

Some DVD videos may have copy protection to prevent piracy, which in our case would prevent the use of recommended programs; Because we will make a personal audio sample from a regularly purchased DVD, we can safely use the tools to unlock protected DVDs on our computer .

The best program to unlock protected DVDs is AnyDVD HD.

This program starts automatically and completely removes protection when playing a DVD, so you can easily create an audio extract. The program is available for free for 21 days in all its features, after which we will need to purchase a license to continue using it. To learn more about protecting DVDs and how to remove them, we refer you to our article on how to do so Copy protected DVDs or compress them to 5 GB DVD4.7 .

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