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How to check if a mobile phone is in use

How to check if a mobile phone is in use

All the checks that can be done on the smartphone to check if it is in use or new

When we buy a new phone that is available on the Internet, we will have to carefully check that it has not yet been used and sell it “as new”, relying on the negligence of users (who may , except for obvious external damage, difficulty identifying a new product from a used one). checking if your mobile phone is in use or has been used even once. This way we will always be able to know whether the smartphone or simple mobile phone we have in our hands was sold by an honest seller or we were a victim of fraud (because selling used products is a new crime).

How to check if your mobile phone is in use

Although it may seem very difficult to know what kind of phone we have in our hands, we will definitely know with the following reviews whether our mobile phone was used before it came to us.

Check out sales data

Websites like Amazon and eBay clearly identify the presence of products that are sold as used or refurbished (i.e., designed to appear as new). Before we buy a phone online, we need to carefully check if the text is new in the interface of the website or in the description of the item.

For example, on Amazon, simply click on the link to the word Nouveau see the prices of the same product sold as new (therefore never used).

On the same screen, you can choose to filter results with all new products or display products sold as used or refurbished by checking the desired Country section.

On eBay, however, it is important to check the product description, especially if you are participating in the auction (used items are rarely available for sale. buy now ).

If the message new appears on the floor Country , we plan to buy a phone we’ve never used before.

Obviously this doesn’t completely protect against fraud (someone might always try to sell a used but well-maintained phone like new), but we’ll at least avoid embarrassing numbers like “I thought it was new, instead the seller is clear wrote that the phone was used. ”

Also remember this Amazon Guarantee refunds money spent in two years .

How to check if your mobile phone is in use

Check the appearance of your phone

After receiving your phone, first check the appearance of the box, accessories, and the phone itself.

A new (unopened) box must have a security seal on both sides, so whoever opens it really “gets their hands on it”. Due to the absence of seals, you should escape the first alarm bell, even more obviously if the seals are present and cut or torn (some manufacturers do not install external seals, so there is no problem).

Another hint about the condition of the phone is related to accessories: these must be in the box zi
their seals and packing pads: if you notice messy or crushed wires, there is a risk that accessories will be replaced products of poor quality or worse not working.

The last check is on the phone itself: for the first time out of the box, it must have protective foils (in some cases with descriptive handwriting of the phone) on both sides and on the camera. Back, a clear sign that no one had touched her. Even the simple removal of a single movie and its “awkward” relocation can be a hint about a used phone.

Check IMEI

A fraudster could very well replicate a phone that is perfect in all respects, even when in use. In this case, after performing the appearance tests, the IMEI of the phone should be checked to check if it is already connected to the operator or reported as stolen / missing.

To do this, we obtain the IMEI of our phone in the box directly from the smartphone and enter the 15-digit code on the call plan website.

Once you’ve entered the code in the appropriate field, click analyze ; We will receive various information on your phone, including a graphical index called IMEI Validity Rating . If the cursor in this item is in the yellow or red zone , it means that the phone has definitely been used and probably the IMEI has already been reported to various operators who have provided preventive blocking.

In this case, we are facing a stolen or missing phone scam : We just need to report everything to the shooters and the police so we can start an investigation into the case.

Check the guarantee

If the IMEI check is also successful, it is the last guarantee determinant. If the phone is sold as new, it will be entitled to a 2-year legal warranty. The warranty starts from the moment of purchase, so the warranty review will give us certainty about the condition of the selected smartphone or phone.

To check the warranty, obtain the IMEI and serial number of the phone (from the box or phone data in the application) Parameters ) and enter the desired numbers on the following websites (depending on the manufacturer) phone):

If our manufacturer is not one of the above, we perform a Google search by entering “warranty verification”


Because “trust is good today, but trust is not better” today, we advise you to check your phone or next-generation smartphone carefully when making a purchase on the e- trade: if you waste just a few minutes of your time, you will immediately understand whether you have bought a 100% new product or are dealing with a used product intended for a new one (i.e. a scam).

Therefore, when shopping online, we advise you to carefully follow the tips described in our guide on How to buy safely and with a guarantee online in order to significantly reduce the risk of fraud.
However, if we have lost a smartphone and want to prevent its resale (which is why you are involved in a scam), we recommend that you follow the steps described in our in-depth analysis. Lost your smartphone: everything you need to do .

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