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The best .io games where you all play together on PC and smartphone

The best .io games where you all play together on PC and smartphone

.Io games have several features in common that set them apart from the rest. First, you always play online, connected to the Internet, in full multiplayer mode . Dozens of players compete against each other in every match. players all together who try to eliminate and transcend themselves, without any alliance and each with their own game strategy.
Another common feature is that these are ultra minimal games with essential graphics where the players are presented with stylized beads or men or sprinkles, to name a few. Usually in IO games, each player enters games that are already in progress and never end, trying to survive and eat other players to get bigger and bigger. For other .io games, these are minutes against other players and may be a competition.
The “.io” extension indicates the top-level domain of sites (such as .it or .com) in the British Indian Ocean Territory. Starting with Agar.io, one of the first games of this genre to achieve remarkable success, the .io extension began to be used for all similar games that give the genre a practical name. The .IO Games were a resounding success in the two-year period between 2015 and 2016, and returned to full force this year with new titles and challenges. Since there are so many now, it’s worth making one list of the top 10 IO games to play via a browser on a PC or download to Android and iPhone smartphones , that they’re free, that they have a lot of players to compete with, and that are super fun.

1) Agar.io was the first game of its kind to achieve remarkable success in 2015, a survival game where players eat each other. It starts with a small circle that, as it eats the food around it, gets bigger and bigger until it grows big enough to eat other players as well, while trying to escape the bigger players. With extremely simple gameplay and graphics, it went viral after it was also featured in the House of Cards episode. You can play Agario on Android and iPhone smartphones, as well as from a PC browser.

2) Slither.io was one of the most played games in 2016, inspired by the classic Nokia snake game, which gets longer while eating. In Slitheri, you can eat other players in addition to food and you are getting bigger and bigger. Compared to Agaria, Slitherio is a bit more complicated and slower as players fall out when their snake’s head collides with another snake’s body. Strategies can then be used to post and capture other players to absorb and eliminate them from the game. Slither.io can also be played via the website or on Android and iPhone.

3) Paper.io 2 for Android, iPhone and website , continued Paper.io 1, can be considered the most successful .io game of all time, which is still today firmly on the list of the most played games for Android and iPhone. In Paper.io, players move and leave a color trail on the screen to color as much space as possible. A space that is colored and filled by one player becomes an area that others cannot touch. The space is colored by closing the area, while players are excluded if their tracks are touched, while they are outside their colored area, ie in an attempt to gain new living space.


4) Hole.io, which can be played on the website, Android and for iPhone, is the most popular io game of 2019, where players have to move black holes that can absorb any object they find in their path if is smaller than the hole, getting bigger and bigger. When two players collide, the one with the bigger hole absorbs and eliminates the other, with dynamics and gameplay quite similar to those of Agaria. Hole.io is also quite fun as the holes move according to the urban scenario, with the ability to swallow people, cars and even entire buildings into the hole.

5) Diep.io , available on PC via Android and iPhone, is another very popular io game in which players control tanks to move around the screen and shoot at smashing obstacles and enemy tanks to collect points and upgrade their own machines. The leveling system allows you to equip the tank to make it stronger, more agile or more accurate. There are different game modes, such as perfect battles or group battles, which increase the desire to play Diep.io again, which remains simple, but definitely more exciting and competitive.

6) Snowball.io , which can be played on a personal computer via the website, Android smartphone and iPhone, is a snowball game. By moving the snow thrower across the board, you touch the screen and create a snowball that gets bigger and bigger, with the option to throw it at other players. The winner is the one who is not pushed off the island and the one who eliminates the other players.

7) Aquapark.io , which can be played on a personal computer via the Internet, Android and iPhone, is a speed race on a water slide, where the winner is the one who the first comes to the end of the slide, but one must beware of both the traps and the ‘man is happy and does not fall. The race is really fast and all the players run together.

8) CrowdCity.io, available as a browser game on a PC and as a game on Android and iPhone, is a classic io game that makes you laugh because of its idea: you have to create the largest crowd of all. You then walk the streets of the city with a colorful boy who, when he meets other people, convinces them to follow him, and creates an ever-growing crowd. If two players collide, the one with the larger crowd absorbs the other and eliminates them.

9) Brutal.io , which is available in the game with a browser on a personal computer and in the game for Android and iPhone, has very noticeable spatial graphics and is played by moving a machine with a weapon on its tail to grow and use it against others to eliminate them.

ten) Zombsroyale.io , a PC game for Android and iPhone smartphones is the most complex game on this list, Fortnite in battle royale style with a view from above, weapons to collect and many players who need to be challenged to eliminate them, being careful not to get caught.

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