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How to know to whom the SIM card is registered

How to know who the SIM card is registered to

How do I find the owner of the phone number to which my SIM card is registered?

We found a SIM card in the drawer, but you don’t know who it’s registered to? Do we want to obtain information about the owner of our SIM card, especially after the age of 18? In all of these scenarios, we can operate in full compliance with the law using tools provided by different telephone operators, and if the SIM card is not available online, use one of the listed public information sites. are shared online.
In this article we will show you how to know who the registered SIM card has been owned by us for years; if, on the other hand, we are looking for a SIM card owner who is certainly not registered with us, we will have to rely on (rare) tools available online after loss or theft) when searching for a legitimate owner (who may have lost a SIM card), with all uncertainties in case (if there is a complaint about SIM card theft, there is a risk of getting into trouble).

Find the SIM card owner

The risk of reactivating and activating the traceability of the number is too great: if you find a SIM card on the street, you can deliver it to the police or discard it (probably already blocked and replaced).

Operator Websites

Once we have made this necessary assumption, you can check the SIM card holder directly on the management page to which it is linked. So check the operator symbol on the surface of the SIM card and open one of the places below:

    1. TIM
    2. Vodafone
    3. Wind
    4. 3 Italy
    5. Fastweb

Once you have selected the right website, log in with your SIM card number as your username and password (if you don’t remember it, you can start the recovery process using the “email used during registration”). On the personal page, we open the information about the SIM card we have or the account registered on the portal to find out to whom the SIM card is registered.

We will be able to obtain personal data and an identity card related to the SIM card used in the information sheet.
Remember that available data or personal data may differ from the identity card : In the case of SIM cards available to minors, one of the parents must present a document to register the SIM card.

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If the SIM card is not accessible through the personal pages of the operators, we can try to enter the phone number that contains it on the TrueCaller website.

On this site we will be able to start a search with a phone number on the SIM card so that we can trace the owner or the last user. The service is fairly reliable, but we will always be lucky that a previous user has used related services at least once or installed the TrueCaller app at least once.

Who’s calling?

Another TruCaller-like service that finds out who has a registered SIM card is Who’s Calling?

Again, we will need to enter the phone number associated with the SIM card in the text box and start the search; if the SIM card has been used in the past for application services on the site or marked as an intruder number, it will appear as a search result.

Diving 3000

Another site where you can search for phone numbers associated with SIM cards is the Dive3000, known as the real “phone number directory”.

All we have to do is access the service through a free account (which can also be created on the website) and check if the SIM number we have is on the list.

Social Networks and Search Engines

If the previous methods did not allow us to know who the SIM card is registered to, we can try as a last resort by entering the phone number associated with it in Google or in the search bar of the social network (for example Facebook). p>

If the owner or last user of the SIM card has linked this to an activity or service indexed by Google, on any public information site or in Facebook Messenger (by setting confidentiality on public ), we can easily find him by getting his name and name (we can also contact him to find out if he is the owner of the SIM card or just one of its users).
If we can’t find anything , we may extend our search to other search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo, as shown in our guide to Top Private Search Engines .


Knowing who a SIM card is registered to without affecting the privacy of an unknown person is quite difficult (and vice versa would be rather strange); so we only offered secure methods that we could try to use on our SIM cards (which we didn’t know existed) or on a relative’s or friend’s cards. If the number is not known or we cannot access the operator’s site, we can only perform generic searches on mobile number indexing sites, search engines or social networks, keep our fists up and hope for luck.

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