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What news apps are available: For everyone or for everyone?

Did you know there are two ways to delete WhatsApp messages? This offers your photos, videos, news and texts only on your mobile phone, or your name is also available from mobile phone on the other side. In this study, NextPit is available, as well as your needs.

Have you made a mistake in a text message or sent Verusheen a picture via WhatsApp? Thanks to the possibility, the message with some fingertips on iOS and Android is available. However, you have to decide whether you …

But be careful: Deleting other WhatsApp users’ mobile phones is only possible for a limited period of time. So you can probably no longer go into the chat history with the boss and withdraw that you can work tomorrow.

Delete WhatsApp messages only on your own mobile phone

focus on deleting messages on your own cell phone. Your chat or group controls and stops to the last message in a couple of seconds. Now you will see a garbage can symbol in the top right of the display that you have to tap. There you have the option to delete the message and the corresponding media content.

WhatsApp Delete Message for Me NextPit
So your’s news on your own hand. NextPit.de
  1. Holds the last message for a few seconds
  2. Select the Millton Symbol according to the law
  3. Choosing “For me” “

Tip: If you want to tidy up your cell phone, you can also delete entire chat histories with certain people. There is no single message here, no account in your contact list. Doing deletion then works exactly as it does with individual messages. However, you can’t make this decision. Hence recommends that unscheduled chats be archived.

WhatsApp newsletters can be found for all recipients

Spent your time from a private photo of a person in question, this one says. Handy have you been there? Then you can watch the error on WhatsApp for a limited time. This star is located 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. Ihr solltet Euch also ein wenig beeilen.

WhatsApp Delete Message for everyone NextPit
For a good time, you can also read the news on other handys. / © WhatsApp / Screenshot: NextPit.de
  1. Holds the last message for a few seconds
  2. Choosing the Millton Symbol right from
  3. Choose “For all things”

But keep in mind that WhatsApp will display a message instead of the deleted message. It also has a homepage, which is also available from the chat room. In some situations this can be just as embarrassing as the content.

Do you no longer want to create a chat history with WhatsApp or send messages for a one-off view? Then we still need to link to NextPit in the linked link.

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