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WhatsApp: So you know your self-explanatory news

WhatsApp offers you two options for working with self-erasing messages. Also offers photos, pictures and texts only for a short time, or activates a self-timer. Find your options in your favorite Messenger, find NextPit you in the following instructions.

If you send sensitive data via WhatsApp, you should definitely make use of the self-deleting messages. Because although the messenger secures all messages via end-to-end encryption, the sensitive messages otherwise remain on the cell phone of the other party. You can …

A fingertip or click on the respective entry brings you directly to the right place in our instructions.

WhatsApp: Send media for one-time viewing

It was not until July 2021 that WhatsApp switched to a live feature that made it possible to view content once. Also, as a “unique message”, read messages immediately to start with photos and videos. In the Beta of WhatsApp, the available Symbol will also be found in the textbook.

WhatsApp Disappearing Pictures
This icon is green, the single function is activated / © NextPit
  1. Open a single or group chat
  2. Tip on the camera icon, a photo or video upload or select from your album. Alternatively, you can also select trains
  3. Now tap on the icon with the “1”, which is marked in the picture above. In the picture, there is a warning, but the best picture can only be taken into account.
  4. Tip on “Send”

After your time, the photo or video view has been changed, the automatic content is automatically switched to the chat room and handwritten. Allergy shows WhatsApp also a message, but the obvious message is only available. A problem that the driver of unsuccessful screenshots by natural means.

WhatsApp: Self-activating messages activate or deactivate

Alternative to single messages can be activated later. Dabei switches your face to a contact or a group. After activation, all new messages can be added to each other.

  1. Off the WhatsApp Chat.
  2. Tip on the name of the contact or the group.
  3. Tip on “Self-explanatory messages”.
  4. When prompted, tap on “continue” (Android) or “continue” (iOS)
  5. Select “One” to activate, or “Activate” to deactivate.
WhatsApp Disappearing Messages
Also in group chats can be selected messages selected / © NextPit

Subject to a group chat based on all parts of the self-explanatory news to be heard, one of the group members of the group can only be admitted to this day. How to find your features for self-explanatory messages on WhatsApp? Do you find your choice or support Your chat is a chat with all media and news in your contacts? Share your e-mail experiences in the comments!

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