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E-mail address is available under iOS 15 with iCloud + – so geht’s!

With iOS 15, you can get Apple smartphones on your e-mail address, and your website or services will also be available. Dazu generated the iPhone email address and read-only messages to your standard account. NextPit shows still, like iOS-15-Feature usage.

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We like to see which issues in the year 2020 Spam emails are more than the halves of the global e-mail traffic. With iOS 15, Apple brings a feature on its iPhone, which still protects millions of Nigerian princes.

Where are the largest e-mail e-mail addresses from Africa?

Most of the most important services, foreign or web sites, pay for additional data banks to be used for e-mail. -Address a message immediately in the Clartext. With iOS 15, you can now create a unique Dummy address for one service – entertaining emails from Apple then to Euch. And to solve this problem immediately, spam, solve these problems. So geht’s!

Not only the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro, but also other models with iOS 15 offer the features to be sent to the e-mail address. / © NextPit

E-mail addresses are available: The data is still valid

Personal e-mail address under iOS 15 is completely different. Your request for the following:

  • an iPhone with iOS 15 (duh)
  • ein Abo bei iCloud + (ab 0,99 Euro / Monat)

With the standard version of iCloud, the e-mail address of Eurer is not possible, the e-mail address is not available.

E-mail address is available in Safari: So geht’s

Choose your option from the generated Apple’s unique e-mail address especially for others and your service. Concluding hangs Your Euch is also developed by Double-Opt-In & Co., an account is opened – and finished.

NextPit hide my email browser
Click on the “E-mail address” address on the iOS-Keyboard, click on this dialog – the answer is not “screenshots”, only private prizes are protected. / © NextPit

The flags can be selected on the iPhone under Apple ID, iCloud and E-mail addresses can be or browsed via the browser in the iCloud features.

Your account generate new e-mail addresses in the settings as well. It is practical to be practical, but I have an address for a public outing or an additional application.

hide my email icloud settings
E-mail addresses are available: In the iCloud settings, your e-mail address can be sent. / © NextPit

E-mail addresses in Apps protected: Alt, but also practical

Apple veterans know the features for protecting e-mail addresses are available. Available with iOS 13 for Apple the possibility of “ Reporting with Apple “in Apps the e-mail address can be accessed. Your contact details are also not available yet, then your account will be submitted via Google, Facebook & Co. to register with Apple.

How much spam is there? And what else is the protection of your e-mail address? Your message is still available in the new feature of iOS 15 and you also need a lot of help? !

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