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WhatsApp shows no more contacts? So löst Ihr das Problem!

WhatsApp shows Eureespeicherten Contacts unter Android not more? We still need to be informed about this problem, but we still have the problem.


In the summer of 2021, you will find information on the Internet about problems with the WhatsApp contact list. See more of the NextPit Reader in the Forum with, that of a day on the other contacts on WhatsApp under Android are available. We have a search for solutions to search results, we still need to follow them!

We have the problem, what WhatApp contacts are there?

The problem is, WhatsApp no ​​contacts? have read more, can read more. Interpretative is an unambiguous solution to the application. In the following you will find the most important solutions to this problem.

WhatsApp-transmissions can be translated

Android is really available in the year of the year. The description under the application of the application: Applies to the application of the application, and the data stored on the smartphone are specified.

If your phone suddenly no longer displays WhatsApp contact names, you should check this aspect first on your Android smartphone:

  • The opening of the “Einstellungen”, tipped on “Apps” or “App-Verwaltung” – is followed by the manufacturer of other points of interest. >
  • Tip on the list of apps and scroll down to WhatsApp.
  • Tips on “Requests” and on Contacts “
  • You also want to contact us later.
  • Failure to complete the reports is: Successful, easy to understand and then revisit.
WhatsApp Contacts Permission
This is how you check whether WhatsApp has access to your contacts. / © NextPit

Once these steps are done, WhatsApp will open again and check to see if the contact names reappear. Not at all, but with the letter two more.

Update WhatsApp-Contacts

Your contact name is still not, after all your reports have been updated? Then download your Update contacts feature in WhatsApp. So geht’s.

  • Öffnet WhatsApp and tip on the speech block in the right account.
  • Tip on the three points in the top right check and tip on “Update” .
WhatsApp Refresh Contacts
Update your WhatsApp contacts can be saved – so go! / © NextPit

It takes a couple of seconds, until the contact list of the contact list is closed and the contact names are still available – it is available. We begin with a very generous solution to the most common problems with apps. Always secure, that your option “Cache loschen” is selected. We have to write the script, we need to read it, and in the unlinked articles we write it out. Description: When your application data is available, you can also chat online. Solve your script to try, make sure you have a backup.

How can I man App-date or cache-date file?

Fall this option If you still do not function, it is possible, a WhatsApp synchronization with your contacts to use. Here you go, we know.

What sync synchronization is available

  • Open the settings on your hands and tipped data “Users and accounts” or “Passwords and accounts” .
  • Select WhatsApp from the list and type data on “Account synchronization”.
  • Tips on the contact area of ​​the “Contacts”, on the phone to synchronize the contacts to the contacts.
  • Try now, you will be able to contact us again on WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Sync Contacts 1
The synchronization of WhatsApp contacts is saved, but I still like drastic writing. / © NextPit

WhatsApp Accounts are available

Erzwingen’s What Sync Synchronization doesn’t work, you have to write more, your WhatsApp Account is available. Bevor Ihr forftahrt, stellt bitte unbedingt sicher, dass Ihr ein Backup Eurer Chats angelegt habt. We have a certain article, which is included, we have a lot to do with it. Managed, Eure WhatsApp chats to secure, offers the same menu as we have (passwords and accounts) – selected or this option is “Option” account “. It should be a good idea to read all news, contacts and other data. Yes, your chats on Google Drive are available (see above), you still need to make more notes and type in the “Account” type.

And your account can be set up. After the setup, you can read a number of questions, synchronized with your WhatsApp contacts and all news from Google Drive. Ideally, we will be able to contact your contacts again.

As the last option is available, the new version of WhatsApp is available. It is possible to update an update. The current WhatsApp version is available on your Eurem Smartphone, only available, the app can be uninstalled and installed again.

You can also use this article on this site. We hope that this is the first time that the problem has been discussed. Only you do not have to fall, you are not able to comment in the comments – and we will be able to find other solutions.

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