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Find free apps for iOS & Android: So go safe and with experience!

When your next next day or later, you can read more, then as much as possible or as much as possible in our application. I personally want to pay more for our hours, play in the Play Store or in the App Store after cheap offers, and still have a few more “factsheets” for a free app.

How do you find free applications?

As you can imagine, there are many different sources with varying degrees of reliability and efficiency as to what the search for Free apps available. I’ll list here some tools, websites, and apps that I use myself.

These different tools aren’t necessarily cumulative, so you don’t have to use them all to find a free application. But I prefer to give you the choice between several alternatives to suit your needs.

So findet Your free apps for Android and iOS

We do not need to use our tools, we still need to recommend them, MyDealz to use.

It is a well-known and well-designed tool, not only technicians. There are many other versions of other regions, such as B. Dealabs in France, Hotukdeals in the United Kingdom or Pelando in Brazil, all with Pepper are connected and the same slices and services are provided.

Konkret handels a one-of-a-kind community platform for the Austausch shopping mall. The users: innen, most people like me and them, post the offer, they have found out. An excitement system can be used by the user, an offer that can be used or not, but it is interesting to find or not.

how to find free apps dealabs
The filter functions at the store, such as the Delabs or MyDealz, are very good, and the best apps can be found.

The user feedback system also helps, make a picture of an advertising campaign. Oft hab have comments on an interesting element in a free app. The MyDealz-App is very good, but I prefer it, the website is useful, but the search and filter functions are also limited.

Android-Apps or iOS-Apps – and theirs the recommended feed. Watch directly from the following:

We have free apps for Android only

When we only have free apps and special offers for Android like this, I recommend the AppSales app on the Google Play Store (The website also has).

It works so well as Dealabs. Your feed is free and / or available apps. AppSales does not have the same Community aspect as we share with comments and comments. The feed contains some basic information about the app – the latest price, number of reviews, rating, number of downloads, availability of in-app purchases, etc.

Your price list for the app is about 60 days or the last year. So you can see whether an app is on sale every week or not (which can be an indication that it is not very successful or not very good).

how to find free apps appsales
AppSales features a fully integrated price tracker.

How many free apps can only be found for iOS

Your number of filters on Eure search is available (advertised, included, category, free of charge or on offer). The results are of course in the form of a newsfeed. Jede App has a detailed page with description, the price list in the App Store, and other apps can be used by developers.

also available in the relevant currency.

how to find free apps ios appsliced
App Sliced ​​is the best tool, free of charge Apps for iPhone to find

Do you want to download your own, or download a free app? On top of the criteria for admission to the company, please follow. These criteria are not guaranteed automatically, but a free app is available. But you have a good opportunity, the risks are limited.

First of all, of course, it is important to check whether the application is really free. Normally, we offer an application, the available costs or offer in the offer, as a premium application. With other words: an application for your normal price of the full price, which is available on a premium basis. The app also offers the best free of charge or free add-ons. Exception: This is purely additional content (cosmetic elements in a game) that does not remove or block anything from the basic content.

Apply for use. The average payment for any microtransaction must be accepted. When an app is advertised, advertising is accepted, it is free of charge.

how to find free apps check adds iaps
The premium offers a premium app, the available free of charge, no in-app purchase

Check out the reviews

Okay, this advice is a little too obvious, but I wanted to mention it anyway. Don’t just read the first reviews on the app’s description page, because bots and paid reviews will still be around in 2021. be, or by using the user rating. When your positive evaluations are recorded, you can write them with the same uninhabited content, the types of machine translations are typically correct, it is available in a number of clear terms, that the application can be used.

As everywhere on the Internet, you shouldn’t take the comments verbatim and concentrate on the negative reviews

Informed more about the developer and the most important data protections

Your account can be found on the development site. So you can see whether they also offer other apps, whether these are well received by users, etc. But it is also a way to see whether it is reliable or not. Sometimes, but not always, the developers refer to an official page, a Github or at least an email address. Some uninitiated developers do not have the time, an official website to create (or they are just for free).

In the App Store, it is clear that the developer is aware of the fact that the data is still available and will be accepted. Ich finde immer mal wieder Anwendungen, bei denen diese Verpflichtung nicht eingehalten wird, aber das ist die Ausnahme. Also, Google will be able to provide additional information, but you will not be allowed to do so in power. Some developers are also interested in a provision, an art-based data protection line, which is sold online online.

how to find free apps apple att
The data protection information is available in the App Store and in the Play Store

Test, that the application does not change the tracker

If something is free, it will be in the product. We know the language, and in a free app you can try it. The sum of the data is one of the most important parts of the business models of many developers: in the present case, the recommended tracker is.

Not all trackers are interesting and easy to use, your data can be compiled and sold. Some of them are unique for developers, like z. B. Log-tracker (Eure Activities in the App), the analytical data available (as many people have my app downloaded / installed, we have a lot to do, we know and we have a lot of usw.).

how to find free apps check trackers exodus

Sorry for the fans of the applied apps, but this tool only works with Android applications. In particular, it is possible to “scan” and create an application for a platform, which is possible, and to identify and track these tracks. This author’s authorization and exodus also shows the “Signature” or the fingerprint of the APK on. The website offers many resources, as well as the security of smartphones and drives of tracks for information and information. The organization assumes that its instrument is not 100% accurate. But it is my best addition to a very good tool. When you know, you can also use the language on the page.

I won’t go into detail about how important it is that the free app you want doesn’t require overly intrusive permissions. A news service, which is free of charge, with other apps on the cover and the controls on the screen, which can be logged, but also logically. It’s such a fundamental thing, and not just for free apps, that I hope I don’t need to go into it.

What do you want from the tips in this article? Where are you free for Euch or have your favorite tips for the NextPit community, which I found for free, without being selected?

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