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Google Assistant for Distribution: Ok Google, Search!

Ok Google, download! Google’s language assistant is found on millions of smartphones. They are well-functioning and their assistant language skills must be included in this application.

The precautions, the use of Google Assistant for the use of telephoning must be complicated, but it is not so complicated. In the background, you can only use a smartphone – equal, with iPhone or Android -, a Google Chromecast, a TV with an HDMI connection or a smart TV.

Home “, your equipment installed and installed. Use your iPhone, use your app for Google Assistant. The list of applications includes the following links:

The features of Android Android TVs, smart TVs or TVs with Chromecast are also included: Install the Google Home App, add it to the website by typing on the “+” – Symbol on the home app and select “the device”. About the “New Device” is a picture of a registered application, which is still a matter of course. .

Profi-Tip: Go to Google Home in the right image screen for the Google Assistant settings and finally, the “Voice Match” function is activated . We can only use your Google Assistant to access this language.

Google Assistant voice match
You must be sure that your Voice Match on your phone is activated / © NextPit

In Germany, Google Assistant works under the Netflix, Disney +, YouTube, YouTube and Google Play Movies video platforms. In the United States, the download is slightly larger, we have Netflix, Disney +, MaxDome, CW, CBS All Access, HBO Now, Hulu, YouTube, YouTube TV, YouTube Kids, Wiki, Crackle, Red Bull, STARZ, and Google Play Movies and TV.

Allergings are not Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV +, was at the end of a very frustrating time, before everyone in the fall of Amazon Video Streaming Service, the so-called Chromecast as well as Android TV support .

Die gute Nachricht ist jedoch, dass viele Nachrichtensender auf dem Fernseher über einen einfechen Sprachbefehl a Google Assistant auf dem Handy gestartet werden können.

Google Assistant TV voice commands news
With language tips is possible, news on TV or watch videos on YouTube available / © NextPit

Google Assistant for mobile phone connection on an Android TV device

Android phone offers the integrated Chromecast function, even the optional accessories are available. You can also use the model directly in the mobile phone, and the Google Assistant will be available for help.

. You can also use some intelligent words like Google Nest mini or Google Nest Hub to follow.

Google Assistant turn on off TV

Speakers for speech errors, the study of your questions by French teachers with Google Assistant can be found:

  • Again: “Pause”, “Stop”, “Fortsetzen”.
  • Channel:
    • “Wechseln zu BBC News.”
    • “Switch to CNN um.”
    • “Channel [Name or Number]”.
  • Lautstärke:
    • “Lauter”, “Lautstärke erhöhen”.
    • “Leiser”, “Lautstärke verringern”.
    • “Lautstärke auf [Zahl] einstellen”.
  • Entry:
    • “Switch to HDMI 2”.
    • “With Bluetooth connection”.
  • Deactivate: “Switch off”.

View Google Assistant to Chromecast on your phone

When your mobile device is powered by an HDMI device, you can also use a Google Chromecast to use a device in a media Hub to sell. Damit knows your receiver for video streaming links from Eurem mobile phone or tablet from the control panel. With the “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google” you can still use the smartphone, then the series, movies and YouTube videos on your mobile phone. Gleiche gilt für Smart Speaker von Google und anderne partner.

Speakers for language, the options for TV with Google Assistant are available:

    • Movies and subtitles:
      • “Stranger Things” on Netflix.
      • “Open [Movie title or broadcast] on [streaming service].”
    • Search:
      • “Search for romantic movies”.
      • “Search Sitcoms.”
      • “Sci-Fi-Fernsehsendungen zeigen.”
      • “Show movies from [Schauspieler od Schauspielerin]”.
    • Video Clips:
      • “Lustine Katzenvideos ansehen.”
    • Apps:
    • Information:
      • “Infos zu Game of Thrones.”

In 2015, I had my Android phone sold by Sony and the first time I could go to the TV store in connection with my smart devices to watch TV. For a couple of months, I have to do more research, first of all.

Then we get a smartphone and my Google Nest has a lot of important function: a TV service is available, which is in the location of the question. Supervise the control of telephones. Yes, the experience is not very flexible, but the most popular can be Android-free and watch new ones. with Google Assistant on handy we also use the Android TV Remote Control App as a remote control option, so that I can use a variety of stimuli based on the power of speech control.

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