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WhatsApp: This is what the blue ticks mean and so you switch them off

The blue tick has been available on Whatsapp since 2014. What are these hacks, what are your WhatsApp appearances and how did you deactivate them? NextPit finds you still in this post.

In our official FAQs, WhatsApp does not include any, or additional readings. Officially, it is up to date with three articles of life on WhatsApp:

  • single gray check mark: the message has been sent
  • doppelter grauer Haken: The message is optional on the phone of the recommended user.
  • Double blue check mark: The message was received from the Recommended

Please note that in a WhatsApp group membership you have two grays or blue hacks first, then all members of the WhatsApp chats will also receive and / or select from this message. have.

What are the hacks in WhatsApp?

How to find, inform you the double blue tick in WhatsApp about whether the message you sent is not already accepted on the interpreter’s / entrant’s smartphone and are not heard or read. This is really no longer a secret in 2021, so a dissertation on Topama is not necessary.

If you have any questions or problems with the WhatSApp system, you have the status of your newsletter and also use the “News info” function. So go to your website before:

  • Open WhatsApp Chat
  • Tip a few words on the most popular news
  • Type the right to the three points and select “Info” from the “News info” to open
whatsapp message info
So related to your newsletter at WhatsApp / © NextPit

The status of your news app can be:

  • Access : Your message will be sent to your phone or not, but you will not be allowed to do so.
  • Play or watch : Play or listen to Eure Nachricht go to Eure Bild-, Audio- oder Videodatei gesehen. If a language is spoken, it should be decided that it should not be accepted.
  • Disclosed : The eligible language has been echoed.

In a WhatsApp group chat, when a person leaves the group, the “Message Info” screen always shows the original information with all members, including the person who left the group.

whatsapp blue tick meaning2
Links on which the following messages are provided and written and the following articles are provided, the rights must be provided and selected / © NextPit

I don’t have a blue tick on WhatsApp, what does that mean?

If you’ve sent a WhatsApp message but don’t see a blue tick, it means that your The message does not read or read the video / video is not available.

  • Your comments / readings are disabled in the data protection system
  • Yours may be blocked
  • Your phone contacts are switched off as possible
  • The recommended chats with Euren Chat are not available yet
  • One of you has connection problems

How can I deactivate the blue tick in WhatsApp?

Turning off read receipts is easy:

  • Calls the three-dot menu on the WhatsApp start page
  • Go to settings > account > Data protection
  • Deactivate readings .

This can be a good option if you don’t want to put yourself under the pressure of having to reply to a message when someone knows you’ve seen and read a message. Readings for group chats can not be deactivated. According to this option, the option is set in the following instructions: No one is in the fall, if you have a message or not – but if you do not agree, you will not be able to do so.

This is how you deactivate the blue tick on WhatsApp / © NextPit

That’s it for our guide to what the blue ticks mean and how to use / disable them. Hopefully we could help you with our information. Can you listen to the description of the underlying WhatsApp hook or have you been able to read? And how do you think about it personally: Have you deactivated the blue ticks? Please note in the comments.

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