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Carmakers and funny car names, some models had to be renamed locally

The fascinating world of motoring also brings fun moments. Some automakers solve vehicle names through numbers and letters, others give them whole words, names symbolizing an activity. Did you know that several cars had to be renamed in some countries because their name was offensive or ridiculous in a certain language?

Ford Swinger

Onanista on the road and genitals in the name
Spanish is unlucky for vehicle names. In fact, several models in Spain, Mexico, Peru, Cuba and a number of other countries with Spanish as the official language symbolize something else. In the following list of fun renames, we most often meet with Spanish:

  • Mitsubishi Pajero is sold and launched in Spanish countries under a different name. Pajero means a straw trader in Spanish, but the colloquial meaning of the word is masturbator. In fact, the brand would definitely not want to present such a slightly perverted name. So they renamed it Mitsubishi Montero .
  • Rolls Roy model Silver Mist means “Silver Mist”. The problem occurred in Germany, where it is a translation of “Silver Manure”. Of course, the model has been renamed Silver Shadow .
  • Honda Jazz was renamed quite soon, even before the original Fitta name hit Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. In Norway and Sweden, Honda Fitta may have encountered a problem, as Fitta is a word in the Nordic languages ​​that calls female genitals harder and slang.
  • In some countries, it is called Suzuki Wagon as Nissan Moco . This is not the case in Spain, where the word “moco” means “slime,” or “mucus.”
  • The Mazda Laputa model name also sounds amusing. The word “La puta” is a more vulgar term for a hooker or prostitute in Spanish-speaking countries. In some countries, the model is known as Suzuki Ke i . But throughout Asia, mostly in China, they know Laputa very well.
  • As if that weren’t enough, in the largest country in South America, Brazil, Ford Pinto could not be sold under that name because Pinto was a slang designation for a male genital organ, so they adopted the designation with more masculine meaning ” Corcel “.
  • US General Motors used to cut a bit with the Chevrolet Nova . They tried to introduce the model in Central and South America as well. The problem, however, was that “Nova” is an abbreviated “no va” designation in Spanish for something that doesn’t work, or something that is impossible. Eventually, he came up with the name Chevrolet Caribe , and under that name, the model thrived. A similar problem was with the British Chevrolet, Vauxhall, when they considered selling Vauxhall Nova in Spain.
  • Ford Fiera did not take place in Spanish-speaking countries. Fiera means “ugly old woman”
  • Ford Comet renamed Mexico Ford Caliente . Comet like comet has in several areas reportedly been a label for horny women. Such women are also called “comets” in other languages.
  • Interestingly, although no longer vulgar, is that the well-known Renault Thalia in Slovakia is known in even more countries under the name Renault Symbol . Renault Thalia can be found in most European countries, but in Turkey and North Africa only under the name Renault Symbol. We did not find out what the meaning of which word is in which country and what is the reason for the renaming. Interestingly, in the latest version, the model is called Dacia Logan, or in some countries it may be called Renault Logan .

Cars that haven’t been transformed but sound ridiculous
There are also histories where cars have been marketed and not renamed. It is not known how long it took carmakers to realize why sales do not work as they would like in a given territory. Alternatively, if the model is still renamed, let us know. We tried to find as much detail and facts as possible, but sometimes it didn’t go as planned. The Opel named Ascona must have blushed in Spain and Portugal. Both countries have the word Ascona as a name for female genitalia. The Spaniards have it as a slang word in some areas in the north and near the Portuguese border.
Another American carmaker released the Swinger years ago. It was a Dodge and was never renamed. The word swinger makes sense now, especially for the boom in the porn industry. The case of the AMC model called Gremlin is also funny. And let’s stay in the US. The carmaker Buick released the elegant LaCrosse years ago and also sold it in Canada. However, French is also the official official language of France, and people who speak French, especially young people around Quebec, are familiar with the slang term for masturbating or “picking up” under a word very similar to LaCrosse. And buy a car too.

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