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Why investing in cryptocurrency has become a priority for the CIA?

This has become an “high priority”. To guard against cyber attacks and ransomware targeting the United States, the agency announced that it was leading several cryptocurrency-related projects. Also in the sights are the underground and criminal financial networks that the agency intends to attack.

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How does cryptocurrency work? Like Bitcoin, there are more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies in the world today. These currencies are based on blockchain technology.

William Burns, director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), revealed that the US intelligence had several projects related to cryptocurrencies . He qualified these various initiatives as important priorities, in particular to guard against future cyberattacks . News that will give ground to grind in the conspiratorial spheres.

William Burns, director of the CIA, affirmed that the intelligence agency was at the initiative of several projects in the cryptocurrency industry. If William Burns has only been at the head of the agency since March 2021, it has been several years since the projects started. “ I inherited a number of cryptocurrency projects from my predecessor , he said at the P-.D.G summit. from the Wall Street Journal . We are trying to determine the degree of consequences at the second and third level, and to help our colleagues in the United States government provide information. Crystals and amorphous solids
At scale solids on what we also observe “.

If the government is interested in cryptocurrencies, this is mainly because of ransomware . This attack technique increasingly common computer aims to send malware to encrypt data on a system and then demand for ransom to the company to retrieve the information. In the extreme majority of cases, the ransom is demanded in cryptocurrency to allow thieves to disappear with the General
Symbol: AgAatomic number: 47 Electrons per energy level: 2, 8, 18, 18, 1 Atomic mass : 107.87 Most stable isotopes: 107Ag stable with silver in nature. In May 2021, the States -Unis and the Colonial Pipeline pipeline network had to pay a ransom of 75 bitcoins to hackers, or around $ 4.4 million at the time.

Tackling underground financial networks

In reality, it is not surprising that the US agency is ‘interested in the blockchain . Crypto spelling has been the sinews of war for the protection of important messages for decades now. The evolution of the means of communication is essential to protect its own operations, but also to learn the techniques of its adversaries. Because, if cryptocurrencies are more and more popular with the general public, the underground economy, in particular money laundering, remains a predominant part of exchanges.


Coming back later back, we can remember the arrest of the leader of Silk Road , a internet site on the network TOR which offered all kinds of illegal services, The different drugs and their effects
Some drugs are euphoric, others hallucinogens; there are some that can decrease vigilance or cause drugs , weapons and other services in exchange cryptocurrency. Edward Snowden revealed in documents that the agency was tracking bitcoin users to find out more about their activities. Back then, in 2013, it was common to use cryptocurrency for its services. Obviously the price has changed a lot since then.

In conspiracy circles, many rumors have long circulated that the creator of bitcoin is actually a US government agency. Their goal would be to fund opaque and mysterious projects. nner grain to grind.

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