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Discover OneOdio, headphones for DJs and aspiring audiophiles!

Even though they have been in decline since the explosion in popularity of wireless headphones, Headphones are nonetheless excellent products for those who like to listen to music, while isolating themselves from their environment, or who wish to make it their profession. With a wide range of bluetooth and Hi-Fi headsets, the OneOdio brand intends to put the pads back on the front of the stage. Zoom in on two of its models: the A30 and the A70.

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A30 and A70, behind these alphanumeric designations are two headsets addressed to two different audiences but with an advantage common: a lower price than the competition for an equivalent or almost equivalent proposition.

Discover OneOdio headsets A30 and A70!

Active noise reduction has never been so accessible with the OneOdio A30

Let’s start with the general public model! The OneOdio A30 is intended for nomads looking for a Hybrid helmet in zoology
In zoology, a hybrid refers to an animal resulting from a cross between two different species. This offspring is almost always hybrid . Despite its light price (52, 95 € via the OneOdio site ), the A30 is not stingy in features and accessories. offers active noise reduction which, together with the shape memory pads , does an excellent job and will perfectly isolate noise parasites so that you can get the most out of your music . The headset works in wired as in Bluetooth with the connection of two devices simultaneously over a range of 10 meters. Its 25-hour battery life in wireless mode promises satisfactory performance for a headset that needs to power two 40mm drivers. Wired and with active noise reduction on, it can go up to 45 hours of battery life!

OneOdio A30

The headphones are not left out in terms of comfort either. With its weight of only 268 grams and thick memory foam pads, it can be worn for long hours without disturbing you. Its design also allows it to fold to slip more easily into a bag or suitcase for travel, especially as OneOdio has thought of integrating a small faux-leather storage pouch in the box. Note also the presence of a double jack adapter for the airplane included in the box, without forgetting a 3.5 mm jack cable to connect it to your computer, and a USB-A charging cable to USB-C which will deliver two hours of listening in just five minutes of charging.

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The OneOdio A70, a headset for DJs and audiophiles that does not overlook connectivity

The A70 is a versatile headset for DJ and budding musicians who don’t want to sacrifice mobility for sound quality. With its slightly larger dimensions than the A30, the A70 remains a comfortable helmet over a long period of work. Despite a frame and more seals Crystals and amorphous solids
To scale solids , the helmet can also be folded on itself to save space when stored in a bag, especially as a pocket is also present in the box to protect the device and more specifically its pads. shape memory.

Among the accessories, there is also a USB-A to micro-USB charging cable as well as two 3.5 mm and 6 jack cables, 35 mm This last cable will be the best friend of DJs and musicians, especially with two jack ports on the headphones, simultaneous listening of two sources analog different will be possible, but the second input jack can also be u Used to share sound to another OneOdio headset. OneOdio also had the ingenuity to incorporate locking systems on the inputs to ensure a stable and secure connection.

Without cables, the A70 remains perfectly usable thanks to its bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and its 25 hour battery life (50 hours wired), especially as SharePlay technology allows it to be connected to another compatible headset to enjoy music to two. Even if it does not have active noise reduction like the A30, it makes up for it with powerful 40mm drivers and a minimum price of € 39.95 (via the OneOdio site ).

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Article produced in partnership with the OneOdio teams

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