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How to choose the right headphones for listening to music or games

We purchase headphones most often in an effort to access music while traveling, working, or relaxing. They are also used when working with a computer, where we do not want to bother others, but even that does not always work, because, as we say, “headphones are not like headphones”. Notwithstanding the fact that headphones can cause a large number of accidents due to the inattention of music listeners on sidewalks and roads, they are a means of enjoying music wherever possible. Whether you connect them to a mobile phone, mp3 player, or multimedia device, they each have different features that you should consider when choosing them.

Technical features and numbers

People don’t always like numbers and math, but hold on. The technical data on the product should always give you three basic properties and in decibels (db), ohms (Ω) and horseradish (Hz). Each of the data can change the type of use and input device. Ideal decibels are over 100 db. If it’s less, it’s probably cheaper headphones. The resistance value, expressed in ohms and displayed with the Greek letter Omega, is a figure that gives performance information depending on the device. A high number and a strong device will sit together. However, if you connect powerful headphones with a high resistance number to a weaker portable device, both the volume and the overall power will be reduced. The frequency range within which the headphones can play sound in the ears is given in Herz, and the value can be from a few tens to 18,000 MHz. The lower numbers are the sound depths and the upper numbers are the treble. What matters is range, not a single number and nothing more.

Stupid or overhead?

An important parameter when choosing is to distinguish two basic types of headphones. The earplugs are small and allow for better, more free movement. However, not everyone’s ear allows them to hold such a thing, and the second thing is quite often the unpleasant feeling of anything in their ears. A close relative of the earplugs, ie the separate earphones that are inserted into the ear holes, are still separate earphones, but with a handle behind the ear. Too thin ears will not indicate a drop. The headphones are light, but each ear is individual. The permeability of ambient noise, but also the permeability of the music to the outside, often occurs in sockets and headphones. You can disturb your surroundings. Over-the-head headphones also have different headphone shapes. Those that just attach to the ear will not be very suitable for sound insulation. The penetration of sounds from outside to the ear reduces the quality of the sounds heard. The best features in sound insulation around and from the surroundings at the same time are headphones with an arc connection over the head, which surround the entire ear. This is because it is hidden all in the cut-out of one of the pair of headphones. The soft insulating material should not push or cause discomfort. Headphones should have a sliding head height position and should not push too hard.

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Material is important

Ear plugs often have replaceable parts. Silicone, or on cheaper models, various types of foam, and foam, are interchangeable and can be purchased in specialty stores according to the model. If the material appears too soft and porous at the first touch, it can be a complication of cleaning and can change its shape. We also know a large number of counterfeits on the market at a good price. It is relatively easy to reach them unknowingly through the seller and the bazaar. They can be recognized by hearing. Tin rattles are recognizable to the experienced ear quickly. Joint materials and places where bending the cables could mean cracking and destroying the cables are important. The quality of the design is also evidenced by the touch and mobility or stability of the parts.

Large overhead headphones also have several features to keep in mind when choosing them. When used to listen to music outdoors and when walking, it’s a good idea to have lighter headphones that can be worn firmly, but not tightly. Today’s trend is to use this type of headphones outside among people, which is often unmissable and can be considered part of a person’s style. Choosing a look can also be a matter of image. So color, design and execution in general can play a major role. Headphones at home with a computer or audio system would no longer have to rely on appearance, but rather on the pleasure of listening.

Pay attention

The material surrounding the ear can be made of a large number of types of plastics, artificial leather or foams. When choosing headphones, one will not discover this, and often not even the manufacturers themselves. However, counting on some models for years is a risk. The foam-forming substance can crack over time, reducing the permanent shape properties and thus recognizing the material where there is a risk of peeling. There are several types of imitation leather. With the quality of the whole device, which can last for many years, the black ear is disappointing and the table is constantly dirty. It is not easy to upholster them on your own.

A few possible pros

A plus can be ventilation for the ears. The earphone surrounds not only sound insulation, but also thermal insulation, which often results in sweating and rising temperatures. Headphones for players have already been invented and have been providing ventilation options for some time now, when the player pays attention to the game for a few hours. The second plus may be the volume control somewhere on the cable outside the software and the device itself. There are situations and professions in which the “mute” standby button finds immediate use of muting sounds. In the case of gaming headphones, we encounter the possibility of vibration, and in the case of headphones for normal use on a computer, a microphone is often a part. Interesting is the wireless function, or simply headphones without a cable. They work on bluetooth transmission, but they require batteries and transmission is also more energy-intensive. However, if any of these advantages are missing, they should be understood as optional accessories, which are not a condition for a quality product.

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