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KLIK TV: a rich film library and television recording in all conditions

In the editorial office we currently have an interesting feature, television, a rich collection of films with a number exceeding 2000 and a few other services in the form of Slovak KLIK TV. It is a television that you connect to your TV with an HDMI cable, connect it with an Internet connection or LAN or WIFI, and you are almost immediately connected to the world of movies, series and documentaries, etc. It is interesting that this television will work for you, record series of Slovak and Czech television stations, and connect you to your favorite movies, even on holiday in Turkey or with your family in the USA. All you need is a good connection. On the plus side, the device will upload set-up series, news, or movies from your channels, even if you lose power, don’t have a device connected at all, or you’ve lost your Internet connection.

Device to connect this TV

The device is freely available at specialty electronics and satellite stores. There is no need to mount, drill, and the TV reception is not tied to one place and you can take it to your friends. Well, at least we didn’t go down without explaining ourselves first. There are two types of devices. Up to EUR 50 you can buy a device for receiving Internet via WIFI, and up to EUR 100 there is a device for receiving via LAN and WIFI. The service works via a flat rate, which is also payable via SMS, just as the activation of the device also takes place via SMS or by calling the operator’s code. Installation is very simple.


Pleasant selection of Slovak and Czech channels. These are state television, private television, as well as specialized television. It’s not a live broadcast, so you don’t watch what’s going on live, but you can record everything. For example, you can set the recording of all messages, favorite series, or broadcast movies. All this is stored on the TV when they are finished on the TV itself, and you can easily watch the recorded channels from it. The option of recording one part or the whole series works reliably. At the moment, we’ve tested it on Two and a Half Men on the Marquis, while at the same time it’s broadcasting the Prima Simpsons television, or the Stargate series Stargate. It doesn’t matter if the series overlap. It doesn’t even matter that you haven’t had electricity halfway through the day because all the recording was done on a remote server. This is an interesting feature, because if you live in several places and have a connection everywhere, you can always have a TV with you.

Other pluses, especially in the form of movie stock
A part of the service package is a FILM LIBRARY. You can access it directly from the main menu of the device. At first glance, it offers several novelties. Every day you will be attracted by something different, new to the big banner, but the selection of films does not end here. There are several genres to choose from in the top menu. Films divided into categories romantic, horror, thriller, comedy, according to the actual event, war, festival and a few others, contain newer films, as well as classics. In truth, I have trouble occasionally choosing what to look first. Although it is not among the top, only yesterday we watched The Endless Story, where Slovak dubbing was surprised and the nice image quality, which several times surpasses the sadly forgotten VHS somewhere in the pub. The film we watched twice was Exceptional with Bradley Cooper. The film library also includes documentaries. It can be said that these are the better or better known pieces, where a story and excellent workmanship often dominate. Another part is several series that were released on DVD or as a TV series.

Additional services that are a few euros a month, or from film to euro, include access to brand new films a few weeks after the cinema premiere (announcing the arrival of the latest film by Paul Walker, or children’s stories Niko 2), then access to a selection of films for adults only (+18), or a channel for children only with fairy tales and cartoons for the youngest. Of course, everything dubbed into Slovak or Czech. Additional services include access to other services, such as European films and art films, or fashion television and fashion shows. This is an area I probably won’t visit in person, so I didn’t even reach for it.

Man watching a movie

Technical operation of the gadget

The whole thing works mainly on an internet connection, the speed of which should be at least 2 MB per second, so that the operation and playback is smooth. Although movies are loaded remotely, it miraculously works differently than Youtube. In high quality, you immediately get a movie that you can rewind anywhere without having to wait for any loading. Suspension is not a problem. For a small box (if you have a variant of the KLIK S1 set top box with LAN + WIFI), but also with a WIFI receiver, you have a remote control with options such as a choice of 4 menu control directions, for a movie changing its rewind functions, you also have a step back , volume control and settings. Nothing unusual and unknown. The device has its own power supply, so have one plug. However, I still take advantage of the fact that it doesn’t have to be turned on at all when you’re not home. You can easily save energy and you will not lose any of the series. The package includes an HDMI cable used to connect to the TV.


  • perfect selection of films of various ages and productions from Bruce Lee, classics of Jackie Chan, through Segalovky, horrors of older and newer date, to comedies, romantic films, documentaries, war bleeds, classic westerns, to films of contemporary production, or there is even a rich Czech classics, films for memorials and pieces that are hard to wait on television and hard to find on DVD. I mean the team now from the era of the Snowdrop Festival, movies with Tomáš Holý, I enjoy the world with you…
  • You have any movie available immediately. According to the official description, the film library offers 2000 films and all of them are accessible. There’s nothing else
  • Assurance of no additional fees and charges for any overruns or the like.
  • Not tied to a specific place, person, or TV
  • Channel recording is also possible when the power is turned off or downloaded, because the recording itself does not take place in your home
  • Record TV channels both continuously and simultaneously
  • In our case, we installed TV with the first movie unpacked and launched within 12 minutes. No contracts and invoices, stretchers. You are working right away, and that was the first reason to write about it.
  • Other additional services that can be used seasonally, as needed (the planned influx of children can appreciate the fairy tale channel), or that can be used permanently.
  • You can connect your own drive to the device using 3x USB ports, watch your own movies, view photos, or connect a TF / MicroSD card from a mobile phone, tablet camera, etc.
  • oz and really. No ads.


  • Anyone who doesn’t have an internet connection won’t use this TV
  • You won’t find some movies on the menu. Of course, you won’t find everything everywhere.
  • Genre selection menus could be handled more prominently, but it’s not a big mistake
  • Parental control is easy to turn off with just a good kid. However, unless a service of this kind of film is intentionally paid for, it will eventually not release any.
  • Recorded series, shows, or movies from TV don’t stay recorded forever (minus as for whom)

TV CLICK Summary

TV KLIK is an interesting gadget that will be ideal for people in sublease (if they are not allowed to drill, subscribe to services, etc.), or people who like to use their internet to the fullest. As an improvement on a regular TV, it brings a really perfect selection of movies, series and documentaries, which can replace several shelves cluttered with DVDs and covers from them. We have something to watch for at least two years, because there is still something to choose from. The device and service will also be ideal for those who do not have another television and have not yet needed to deal with any signal reception, because they did not catch anything. In this case, you can easily set up the recording of shows that you normally miss and watch them in the evening or at night. My case, I admit. Maybe that’s her main plus for a hasty time. You can even take the device and connect it to a TV with an HDMI port, for example from your parents, mother-in-law or friend, and you can see what was at home.

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