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Where are BMW vehicles made? An interesting preview of the places where BMW is born

BMW is a symbol of German quality in the automotive industry and it is one of those brands whose owners we box as mobsters or heavy-duty guts. In truth, if I were financially successful, I might also have reached for more expensive quality and could rely on a proven brand. One of the most common questions that bothers the ordinary person, apart from the price of some models, is also where the vehicles are actually manufactured. More than a year ago, there was a suspicion that they could build one of the new production plants in Slovakia. Although nothing like this will happen, let’s take a closer look at the places where BMW is currently manufactured. The list also contains a few surprises and factories where essential parts are manufactured and sold directly to the BMW Group.

Europe – Germany – Munich

BMW has made its history since 1916, and in 1922, when the first factory in Munich was built on engines, it was still not the company’s advantage to make cars. Aircraft engines and motorcycles predominated. After II. However, during World War II, the predominant car production meant a rapid growth in society. Many well-known models have been created here, such as the BMW 600, BMW 700, Isetta and BMW 1500. Today, the BMW 3 Series and, since last summer, the BMW 4 Series Coupé have been produced here. Despite the seemingly cramped space in the dense buildings, there is also a test track here, and even the BMW Museum, which is part of the complex, is interesting.


BMW production hall at BMW-Allee 1, Leipzig is one of BMW’s most important production vehicles. It has good connections to road and rail transport to the warehouses. If you notice, the site is built with perfect precision, and if the engineers are given the desire or task to test any of their models, they have their own track with curves, as well as straight sections, located west of the area along the track. This is where the 5-door BMW 1, Coupé and, in 2013, the BMW i3 and BMW i8 series come from.


On the south-eastern outskirts of the famous city of Oxford, which is better known for its publishing houses and higher education institutions, the BMW Group production halls are located, although the truth is that he produces something else here. These are MINI cars that belong to the car manufacturer’s portfolio. The MINI Cooper and MINI One D models with a diesel engine come from here. There are currently 5 MINI models produced here, namely Clubman, Cabrio, Coupé, Roadster and Hatch.

Europe – Germany – Regensburg

Don’t look for a small factory here either. The huge area with production halls is even denser next to it, and the test track for testing fast vehicles is also a bit bigger. Regensburg is not so far from the Czech Šumava.

Europe – Germany – Dingolfing

The production halls in the German town of Dingolfing are located near Regensburg. It is less than an hour’s journey from one BMW to another. Nevertheless, they are self-sufficient, with a huge area for production as well as for storing the vehicles themselves. The test track is located to the north and, of course, there is also a railway connection. For example, the BMW 3, 5, 6 and 7 series as well as the M5, M6 models are produced here, and in 2013 alone they produced 340,000 vehicles. At the same time, some parts for Rolls-Royce are produced here.



The factory built in the industrial park in the German Landshuft is only about 20 minutes away by car from Dingolfing. They do not build whole vehicles here, but only plastic body parts, they produce a lot of interior parts and accessories here.

Europe – Austria – Steyr

We would probably never have noticed the Austrian town of Steyr on the map of car production without an industrial park east of the center where BMW engines are manufactured. It is one of the largest manufacturing companies the carmaker has had for decades. This is the most important company in the engines that are manufactured here. They even transport parts from Germany to process and continue to travel back. Interestingly, according to BMW, engines from Steyr are to be present in all cars in the world. But maybe it’s just a wrong translation, even if the result is only respectable for the whole European market.

Africa – South Africa – Rosslyn

The production halls in Rosslyn near Pretoria, South Africa, were the first foreign production hall built by a German carmaker outside its continent. It employed 1,700 people and mainly the BMW 3 Series, which travels for export or for the South African market.

Europe – UK – Hams Hall

In the UK east of Birmingham, we could find Hams Hall production halls. They do not directly produce whole vehicles here, but only their engines or other components. Too bad you don’t see anything. The greatest charm is certainly to be found inside. In any case, according to official BMW sources, more than 400,000 engines were assembled at this location in 2013 alone.

Asia – China – Shenyang

The production halls in the Chinese city of Shenyang were established in 2003 and bear the name of the then newly established production network Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. This is where the BMW 5 Series, BMW X1, BMW 3 Series Sedam and BMW 3 Extended models come from.


Production halls built further from the town of Wackersdorf stand in the middle of nowhere. The border with the Czech Republic is a few tens of minutes east of here. The production area of ​​interior elements, dashboards for the BMW 1 and 3 series is located on a large area, and the operation also participates in the production of the BMW i electric model.

North America – USA – Spartanburg

Manufacturers of the German carmaker BMW are best if they are interested in the American market if they produce their cars right there. A large but really large factory can be found in the northern part of the state of North Carolina west of the city of Greenville on Route 85. the official name is Spartanburg. Glossy quality cars of the German brand are created here, and many Americans think that their BMWs traveled by boat for a lot of money across the Atlantic. For example, the BMW X3 and BMW X5 Sports Activity models are produced here, and the BMW X4 will soon start. The company has 7,000 employees and it is this operation that supplies BMW cars throughout the Americas, as well as other countries overseas.

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