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Review: Transcend DrivePro 200 car camera with Wi-fi support

Car cameras are an increasingly popular car accessory. In particular, they protect drivers from irresponsible drivers, but also pedestrians on the roads. They serve us to record a reckless ride, or just as a small insurance in case a problem happens and a stone falls from your heart, if you would otherwise have to explain complicatedly who is really responsible for the problem. We have been actively involved in car cameras for some time now. In the newsroom, we had the opportunity to try out the DrivePro 200 model from the manufacturer Transcend. It is clear from the packaging that it is one of the better ones and you can fully rely on it. A solid box with a few pinned advantages and quality paper hide a white box in which the camera contains slightly different shapes than seen in sales in Slovakia.

Car camera and its appearance

The black camera has a flat, thick square shape, the front of which is a distinctive lens with a convex lens. It is this shape that allows it to capture an angle of up to 160 °, which is significantly more than the camera diameter in our country. The widescreen 1080P / 30 fps video format with excellent F / 2.0 brightness will be suitable for shooting roads even in poor lighting conditions. The packaging is also proud of the fact that it has improved night vision. The distinctive display at the back has four buttons. Their functions change during power-on depending on whether the camera is recording, in standby mode, or viewing recordings. On the right side it has a DC IN connection (it is also a power supply) and a video output, to which you of course also have a cable in the box. This allows you to see what has been recorded on the TV. When I’m on the record, it’s stored on a TF card – MicroSD card format. By the way, part of the whole package is a gift in the form of a 16 GB Transcend speed class 10 card, which is now standard in a stronger video recording even on stronger cameras. Insert the card to the left side, the EMERGENCY button is below. The package includes a cable for connection to the TV, a holder with an adhesive part for the window from above, a manual surprisingly in color in various language versions, a cable for connection to the power socket in the car, a cable for connecting a computer and the mentioned MicroSD card. .

A few surprises before turning on

The first surprise before the camera first turned on was the shape, the next was finding a 16 GB CLASS 10 card, and the third was a two-meter power cord. He has such a length intentionally. In some countries, the problem may be a foreign object in the field of view, even if it is a thin cable. There are also people who get bothered by cable. The two-meter cable then serves to pull the cable over the top of the windshield on the passenger’s side, across the dashboard to the socket. It does not interfere with the view or movement of the driver.


The camera turns on immediately and records. This is especially helpful when you expect a situation and need immediate action. It is possible to enter the settings during recording. In this case, the recording will be paused. The four buttons have different functions depending on whether the camera is recording, you are in the menu, or you are making adjustments. They can handle the night journey, in the light and in the lighting of underground garages. The articulated arm, which I used for testing, allowed the camera to really tilt in all possible directions, so if I wanted to focus in the opposite direction, all I had to do was move. In any case, the 160 ° angle is really visible and pleasing. At home, you can then pause the recording and the EVCs are clear, as are the colors on the traffic lights. The examples given are weak due to the weather and the morning.

In the settings menu, you can watch videos that fall into two categories. The category of protected Emergency videos and regular travel videos is immediately available without much search. By choosing one of these two sections, you are clear on what it contains. If necessary, you can open, watch, or delete any video. If you have both audio and video turned on, the video will also play audio during playback. If you have a slightly or more shaky image on the recording, check the power on. The hinge bracket is strong enough and the connection is strong. However, if you do not turn on the camera completely, the recording may be slightly shaken. A bit to see it in the first video above.

G sensor and therefore Emergency

In the settings it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the G sensor, sound recording, or reduce the quality of the recording, which will achieve more recorded recordings, lower quality, but the number of 15 EMERGENCY videos remains. However, you can also adjust the length of each video to 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes. The G sensor is quite an interesting thing, and if you drive a little recklessly with the brakes on, the camera can evaluate it as a collision situation that should be recorded. The primary task of the G sensor is to sense when the car starts behaving as in an accident, crash, or problem situation. Its activation is triggered by sudden braking, impact, sharp steering wheel and various others, which are expected to cause a problem on the road. The G sensor has three levels of sensitivity. Sharp handling of small sharp corners also activates the G sensor. Basically, this means that the video you just recorded will be marked EMERGENCY, which will also indicate a small beep. To make it clear that the video has been marked with an overwrite tag. The capacity of such videos is 15 on one card. However, you can tag an anti-overwrite video yourself at any time. There is a distinctive red button on the camera for this purpose. Tagging a video will result in the videos being skipped and not overwritten as the videos are constantly overwritten with new and new listings.

G sensor and therefore Emergency

What happens if I insert a data card?

This is a very common question for people who don’t have a card on hand and think of using one from a mobile phone. The card is part of the package, but if it gets covered, a card from a mobile phone will also help.
My MicroSD was also used for the test. The files from the mobile phone were not corrupted in any way. Automaker creates its own folder, ignores other files. In its folder, it works and records events on the way to the maximum capacity, and then the automatic transcription of old records that have not been marked with overwrite / protection works. So no worries about the data. There is only a risk of overwriting your data if you have a folder called N-VIDEO on the card for some unknown reason and videos in it in exactly the same title format as the camera creates. It leaves the file names differently named and completely different.

Wifi and mobile apps

A user can download a camera management app via a smartphone. Their communication takes place via Wifi. Basically, you have an extended hand from the camera in your mobile, or rather the other way around. All recordings are also available on your mobile, where you can view, run and, of course, delete them, or upload them to social networks, Youtube and the like. You can also download the recordings from the card in the classic way via a computer, but if the camera is still running and recording, it goes immediately via the mobile phone. Owners of Android and iOS operating systems only need an application that has an English version, Slovak is missing.

iTunes and iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/…8
Google Play and Android: https://play.google. com / store / app vr cvr


Each device has drawbars that attract attention. This particular device boasts a 160 ° image, 7 glass lenses for the sharpest edges and a G-sensor for safety recording in the event of sudden braking and an accident. The total weight of the camera is 84 grams and in addition to the standard holder in the package, there is also a Suction Mount, which is a small but strong, but especially 360 ° adjustable holder compatible with all transcend car cameras. Another important attraction is Wi-Fi and thus the connection with smartphones with the iOS or Android operating system. More precisely, it should be versions Android 2.3 and higher, iOS 5.0 and higher, in addition to the iPhone also applies to the iPad mini. Includes a microphone and speaker. If you need to play the audio, you can browse the clear menu with thumbnails for each video and simply start with the sound you need. Sound is not one of absolute quality, but everyone will recognize that the basis is readiness and the ability to record better video on the go. A camera where you don’t see the colors at the traffic light, the EVČ of the culprit of the accident, or what the wipers shaved on you is useless.

Benefits of use

When uploading, you’ll be pleased to have a protected file that you consider important or crucial so that it doesn’t go away. This is because uploading works continuously and overwrites old files. If they are marked with the EMERGENCY button, they are protected against overwriting.


The package includes a holder that has adhesive tape. She is strong and will hold the camera. However, the problem occurs when you want to use the camera in another car, or, for example, in the back and you have to peel off the tape. It may not be fixed when downloading. It is therefore better to buy a holder with a suction cup. It is sold separately. However, it requires the same manufacturer as it has its own wiring and protection system. He successfully holds the camera in various conditions and keeps it calm even in off-road terrain. But it is a separately sold accessory called Suction Mount TS-DPM1. The disadvantage may be the weaker battery life when not powered. It is a car camera, so you will not use the camera in the GoPro way, although I admit that I originally planned to test the camera during sports activities. Does not contain GPS. Therefore, it will be intended for users who rely on navigation, for example, and do not need to coordinate their records with GPS.


The DrivePro 200 is still a great driving record, despite a few drawbacks. The 2.4-inch display is large enough for you to view the recording on the road, if necessary, and small enough not to be a major obstacle to the upper rear-view mirror. It provides easy operation and a good record of roads. You will use an extraordinary video mode that protects against overwriting, the recording mode works continuously and thus records the entire course of the journey. However, the fact that the angle of view is recorded with a legible EVČ vehicle, which is exactly diagonal from you, either 45 ° to the left or right in front of you, will certainly please you.

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