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The Samsung Gear watch will surprise you by connecting it with your smartphone and content

The Samsung Gear watch is one of the most interesting technological innovations that has reached people in recent months. Of course, let’s not forget the two devices that come out together, the great smartphone / tablet Samsung Note 3 and Samsung Gear. They both communicate with each other and for lovers of innovation and interesting toys they really represent something interesting that they will devote to and what they will get used to very quickly. In truth, we ignored the first news about the watch from Samsung, saying that we certainly can’t be interested in the watch. Well, we have it on the table, we look at it, through it, inside, and we’re not surprised. Not only is it a practical connection, but you can get used to the operation of a small Android on hand very quickly. Have you ever taken pictures or called with a watch?

First of all, watches

In our case, Samsung Gear appeared in black. It comes with a faux leather docking station that is used to charge or move files from the watch. They have quite a decent endurance, because they have a special saving mode, where they display the time when the button is pressed. If you anticipate that GEAR is a watch, yes, it is the priority of this hand-clipped device to look and fulfill the role of a watch. But there is one difference. Do you get tired of digital? You can turn them into handy, modern, ancient, crazy, colorful, whatever your mood and abilities.

But it’s not just a watch

I had fun, I must admit. The flat design with a metal hem and plastic bracelet can be adjusted to different hand sizes. Once deployed, you can’t miss the small camera in the upper half of the strap. With it, you can take photos of a size of 1392 × 1392 and therefore with a ratio of 1: 1, or 1280 × 960 which represents 4: 3, shooting 15-second spots, even with dimensions of 1280 × 720, in the manner of a spy or just a guy with a new tweak. (16: 9 ratio), or a little unusual 640 × 640 (1: 1 ratio). The whole control is simple, it’s usually just a two-way finger movement, and when the control seems too simple at first, you’ll eventually understand that at a small size, Gear is still packed with features.

Technical specifications:
Bluetooth v 4.0, an essential part of the news,
Display with perfect black AMOLED size 1.63 “and resolution 320 × 320
Custom CPU speed 800Mhz,
Internal memory 4 GB,
Operating memory 512 MB
Camera resolution: 1.9 Mpx with the possibility of autofocus or macros
Battery 315 mAh without charging lasts a few days with minimal use

Make calls

Smartphone stuck in your pocket, on your handsfree, and you want to dial a specific number or choose from the phonebook? Maybe that’s what gave rise to the Gear watch. But you don’t need headphones at all, in short, just the device on your hand you’re talking to. I probably haven’t been the only one who has thought about controlling the phone book before, even if I don’t want to go in my pocket. You roll up the sleeve, activate the watch and dial a number on the numeric keypad, or select a contact in the address book. At that moment, the dialing displays appear on your phone and you can see everything, just as you can end the call on your watch. Funny that even with the ringtones turned off, you will find out on the watch that they are calling you because they are unconventional – they vibrate.


This fun is still not over. The thing I haven’t tested as the only one for my own laziness and time constraints on a proper treadmill is a pedometer. Thanks to two motion acceleration sensors, the device can evaluate when you return your hand while walking and running. To do this, you can use other applications focused on personal training to create a connection that will give you another helper and possibly a motivator for your own movement. Of course, for everyone as much as possible.

GEAR - inštalácia do mobilu

I recommend signing in to Samsung Apps, which will provide additional applications and options for connecting, upgrading and using your watch. The official applications are counting for tens so far, but it takes time and there will be more. The watch is compatible with Note 3, but a software update was to be released in October to make compatibility available between the Galaxy S4, S4 Zoom, Note 2, S4 mini, Mega 5.8, and Mega 6.3. We have not tested our connection with other devices.

Who is Gear for?

Gear is undoubtedly primarily intended for all news enthusiasts, for people who can’t always reach into purses, pockets, cell phone bags, want a watch on hand, or are looking for an excuse to get used to a watch. same as me. It’s not a cheap affair, so everyone will want to get the most out of them. Note 3 is quite large for normal holding in the hand while walking and there helps Gear. It is a fun technological toy, practical at the same time. I still can’t say how much it wears out and how quickly it can be destroyed, but for metal and solid materials, it looks positive so far.

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