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Flying drones with a camera: are they really a problem? They are!

According to media reports, the police want to shed light on the use of drones. In recent days, flying devices with a pluggable camera have been presented on Youtube with filmed shots of the houses and construction sites of the Slovak oligarchs, which has slightly presented what is not normally seen from the street. Although the average viewer will not see anything fundamental and shocking, drones manifest themselves in this way as a tool that no law thinks of. Any ban or restriction on their use will undoubtedly be perceived by the public as manifestations of the police state and restrictions on freedoms. In reality, however, the truth is somewhere else, and the first swallows, high-altitude video companies, and individuals who are interested in uploading similar videos will probably not be satisfied with it. The truth is that drones are a problem and from a legal point of view this cannot be denied. Already their takeoff and recording of the second record meets several laws. The number of broken laws varies depending on where you drop the drone. Of course, the owner of the drone and the camera on it often has no idea that his activity can be a problem.

1. Privacy

Everyone has the right to privacy. The drone often flies in combination with a camera that records, and this recording serves something. If someone throws away 600 to several thousand euros just for a flying device of this type, they seem to be indulging in a special kind of entertainment, a kind of neighborhood innocent espionage, or they want great shots for not knowing what purpose. But sometimes you want to lie down in your own garden with a bare navel (or something else) and take a nap with your mouth open. It would be disturbing to find that the street was laughing at young Fera on the computer, at the shots of the snoring old Pole and at the brothel he had at the gazebo. There are things we have on our lands and someone else can explain them in their own way.

2. Fears and misunderstandings

I was also unsure when a drone flew over my garden. It is not signed, so it is not clear to whom it belongs and what he wants. You filmed my garden and a few sidewalks. As he filmed them during flight breaks and avoided places overgrown with trees, the controlling man had to be hidden in the grass somewhere further with a good view and the fact that dissatisfied owners are standing in the gardens. He was only frightened by a neighbor’s repeated attempt to hang him with flying old parquet floors and wait for his rescuer to explain. Everyone has the right to know why a record of their property and face is being made. More and more drones in the world are also using dailies, media and various portals. They get materials for articles. For some topics, it is difficult to rely on the situation being recorded to be what they describe, and yet it is.

Lietajúce drony a problém

3. Personal rights

The second point has a lot in common and many personal rights. It is illegal to take a picture of your face, your property, its acreage, your land and to make records for an unknown purpose, although a lawyer from either party could argue about it. In Austria, there is a strict ban on any shooting of other people and their property, making their law clear to all users of similar cameras in advance. There are drones as regulated as car cameras, which, despite a high fine, many Slovaks continue to use after crossing the border.

4. Occupying the sky with new equipment

If there is a meeting of aircraft modellers with flying aircraft, they always inform the necessary authorities, because controlled equipment enters the sky. Nobody thought about drones, nor did they think that a drone is able to climb to a fair height and stay in the sky for an extremely long time. Any news that wakes the air has always needed regulation by the authorities. Whether it was planes, balloons, airships, or drones, it doesn’t matter. Occupying the sky with a completely new type of device has always required a change in the law, so it is no wonder that it will probably do so now. In fact, it is correct to assume that the use of drones should have its rules. And peacefully given by law. The audacity with which individuals use drones today opens up opportunities for a large number of opportunities in which it is impossible to speak of non-violating activities. Several cities have already banned the use of these devices in general. Tokyo last came with a strict regulation.

5. Air transport and collisions

I don’t know what it is that drone owners are attracted to airports. We saw a flying drone in 2014 at Bratislava Airport on the Wreck side. He stood motionless in the air, apparently scanning the airport in the direction of a damaged yellow DHL cargo plane. The airport is a place where such acts can be called especially bold audacity. For some reason, there are bird scarecrows, trained predators and various systems at airports. Pulling a drone into a jet engine of a flying aircraft will make a much more brutal hit than a drawn pigeon. The pilot of a airliner with two hundred people on board would undoubtedly experience hellish moments during maneuvers to avoid a collision with flying equipment in the runway. The lunatic with the drone launched above the airport should, after explaining in the event of a major accident or human injury during the maneuvers of the aircraft. The force with which the jet engine operates, especially when the aircraft takes off, is unimaginable and the drone is absolutely unmanageable near the jet aircraft. While the pigeon is a porridge and a clogged rotor, aluminum or plastic parts of the drone and camera form reasons for the rotors and the interior of the sacramental or fatal problem. It’s like waiting for the first lunatic to pay for his audacity. The one from London Heathrow Airport was close.

6. Human reasons

As a separate type of reason why possible regulation of the use of drones can be considered understandable, I would also like to state a human reason. It is tempting to shoot someone’s land, which is hidden from the eyes of people by a high wall. He doesn’t have to be a mobster, but a calm artist, a man with a bad experience, an art collector, or just an overly vigilant man. It’s also tempting to film a celebrity’s house on the other side, where the public doesn’t have a view. The drone can look at the window of anyone, and it doesn’t matter what floor it is on. Without regulation, there may be a peaceful time when drones of individual tabloid dailies will fly over the garden to Zuzana Fialová, Kristína Turjanová or Zdena Studenková. One on each side at different times and it will be really very difficult to defend against them, or to explain why they are doing an advertising campaign for Nivea when they have just used a competing brand. It is such nonsense that has deprived many American celebrities of money, for example, when faces from Pepsi ads at home drank Coca Cola and photos of papparazi photographers captured them violating a special contract… and Nový Čas has something to write about. On the new side, as he claims, everything “freezes, cries and tears” us unfortunately unsuccessfully.

7. Property damage

No, that’s not a bad joke. A malfunctioning, stray, or low-battery drone that suddenly crashes to the ground can peacefully damage the sunroof of a house, injure a person, child, animal, scratch a passenger car, and even cause a traffic problem in a fall. . A drone with a sudden failure flying near the windows can fly peacefully into one of them or someone on the balcony. If you manage to find a camera in such a drone with a record of your property or person, you have the full right to keep at least the recording card from the camera, if not the entire camera. However, at the cost of the whole facility, it is unlikely that the owner will not want his equipment back. A case from Germany, where a drone caught on a tree on a farm’s private land, forced its “release” to risk it and invade the fenced land. He managed to climb the tree. However, the guard dog did not allow him to return with the drone to the road from which he was released. Explain after you work on private land on someone’s tree with a small helicopter and a camera under the armpit. The Slovak workers who found him there when his acquaintances came to seek help for the main building of the complex did not even understand what such a drone could do. Otherwise, they might not just let the guy go.

However, cameras cannot be denied that they can also promote, help and be part of positive work. The main problem, however, is the abuse of the features of these cameras and their growing unregulated number in the hands of anyone. The controlling child can be a calm child, but also a saboteur. Regulation thus has the potential to limit their use and force speculators to moderate any appetite for risky chunks and especially bold acts.

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