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Criminals no longer hide, criminology recognizes SmartWater

SmartWater is one of the latest innovations that is beginning to gain ground in foreign criminology. Clever water, in fact a clear liquid, a mixture of harmless but rare substances, contains a forensic, irreplaceable mark on the perpetrator. The brand, visible only under UV light, can stay on a person for an incredible 5 years, while passing on a small part of the fabric even when touched. In this way, it is possible to trace the perpetrator’s activities in a very interesting way and also identify stolen objects.

UV light and male face
Photo: Metropolitan Police, North London, SmartWater use case

How should SmartWater work?

An offender who manages to spray an invisible fluid on the victim or by the police obtains a mark that is distinguishable from another mark by a special code similar to DNA. With the difference that his next action, or looted items, will get the same tag with a specific code. This makes it easier for the police to prove that the object was actually stolen and resold by a specific perpetrator. At the same time, a possible escape route of the perpetrator can be identified. The unique code of such a mark is not visible to the average user, but it is information that can only be detected by a microscope by police specialists together with a database of individual used identifications of individual substances. These can be distributed to police departments and those interested in business.

There is a wide range of usage

Although SmartWater should not be used as direct evidence on which to rely, it is intended to help solve a much wider range of problems and crime that some regions cannot cope with. However, police statistics in some areas of the United States already show some decline in some crimes. A criminal who has already been flagged becomes more cautious, and the chances of identifying him or her at the crime scene increase. In the UK, they have also decided to fight metal thieves with the help of SmartWater. They smeared several risky places with the liquid, such as monument crosses, railings and other materials. We do not know the exact numbers of the success of the detection and tracking of the perpetrator, but the professional public, especially in England and the USA, is beginning to talk about the effects.

There are new ways to find the future

Imagination knows no bounds. Therefore, we can soon see a burglar defense system that marks the perpetrator with an indelible mark and thus becomes easily identifiable to the police. It is equipped with UV light in many departments and may not have a problem with detecting the culprit. It can also be a substitute for the dye used on banknotes in robberies, it can be a mark used on the perpetrator in bank robberies and various offenses in which there is direct physical damage and overcoming obstacles by the perpetrators of looting. There could be ways to identify the perpetrator everywhere. Too bad one unnamed gutter wasn’t painted. Since there is often no evidence, there is no perpetrator and the act did not happen. Alternatively, you can only divert attention to something other than the last publicized case of an attempt to steal metal into collection raw materials.

Photo in the article: The case of Smart Water’s effectiveness in identifying 28-year-old thief Yafet Askale, who was convicted by footprints. The image comes from the Metropolitan Police in North London. He stole several things in his car, activating a liquid identification spray that he had no idea about.

More about this product at: http://smartwatercsi.com/
You can also place orders easily. It is used in Britain and North America in the police, but also in shops and private individuals.

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