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The new drive and energy source uses thorium. No need to refuel or recharge and it will survive you

The American Cadillac is probably the only carmaker in the world to show interest in cooperating in research and further development of a new type of car propulsion, which could mean a major revolution in passenger transport in general. Lase Power Systems developed the study, the first prototypes and invented a technology that can obtain energy from thorium, a light metal that can be used as a nuclear fuel. Thorium is a low-level radioactive element, with several hundred tons of stocks in the United States and some other countries, and so far there has not been much public talk about the industrial use of this element. The USA has the largest reserves, followed by Australia, India, Canada, and we would find a group of several countries, but in terms of the table, South America, Brazil and Malaysia at the end.

No refueling for 100 years

Technology doesn’t require charging or refueling. The vehicle would have a special unit, ie a small reactor in which energy from thorium would be able to heat water, or the propulsion system would use the radiated energy in other ways. Everything is based on laser technology, which activates thorium and radiates energy. Although it is a mildly radioactive substance, it is still impossible to speak of a dangerous substance because it is well insulated and, by its power, so harmless to humans. The drive of a single vehicle should last calmly for 100 years. A very small amount of this metal in the amount of 1 gm could replace an incredible 28,400 liters of gasoline, which is enough 8 gm of thorium and your vehicle would not need to be refilled even once in your life.

Mining minerals are not affected

Cadillac’s concept could persuade people in mass production to consider a gradual shift from gasoline, which is still rising in price. The peculiarity is that it is the American carmaker, which is known for high-consumption vehicles, as if it were an American rule, and has begun to address the issue of alternative propulsion. The name Cadillac WTF has taken over the world, which on the one hand sounds funny in English and at the same time is a reversed abbreviation of the current name used. It is questionable to what extent large companies dealing with black gold and the classic automotive industry will like this plan. Mass production is not yet considered. It is necessary to examine many aspects of this technology and even the first concept is not very ideal for the use of this drive. There is a presumption that real series-produced thorium-powered cars could also be larger, trucks, vehicles and off-road machines. Maybe for the first fears and attempts to use the technology in such places.

Gas emission from a factory

Cars are not a priority

Interestingly, personal transportation is not paramount for Laser Power Systems itself, but rather the development of equipment that could bring energy to isolated locations for buildings. hospitals and the like. The entire research in the company is carried out mainly with the intention of finding a solution to the unavailability of energy for different parts of the world, as efficiently and safely as possible. As with everything, there is a great risk that the whole idea will be misused for purposes that are not related to energy and aid, but to the weapons industry and killing. As long as there is technology that can deliver strong and lasting energy, energy is one of the basic pillars of any weapon of mass destruction.

In Slovakia, maybe in 50 years

Something similar will reach Slovakia in about 50 years. Electric motors and electric cars have been paving the roads of neighboring Austria for some time now. In Slovakia, we have not encountered even absolutely minimal state support in the interest of protecting the environment and supporting any electric cars. There are no grants, help, advice, education or interest in companies coming to Slovakia with electric cars. The high price, which can ultimately return on fuel, discourages people. In a few months, no one in Slovakia registered an electric car. After all, there are not as many taxes on electricity as on petrol. We are likely to encounter a thorium-powered system in our region during retirement, when oil reserves are running low or only for the chosen ones. In any case, we are pleased with the constant development and we are looking forward to new information about thorium drive.

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