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A flying drone with a camera in London threatened Airbus, it was not the first

Radless audacity. Even so, it is possible to call the recent act of an unknown speculator, who probably longed for interesting shots of the airport, or even a flying plane up close. Flying drones, which have a lightweight construction and are controlled remotely, are increasingly becoming a hit despite their price, and those who have a drone often use it to work with video and unprecedented footage. An unknown technology enthusiast launched his drone near London’s Heathrow Airport, endangering an Airbus landing with 188 people on board. At the same time, the madman who controlled the flying machine with the camera did not realize what serious problems the accidental collision of a small camera pulled into the jet engine of the aircraft could have caused. It was during landing that a sudden engine problem could mean very serious control problems, and if the aircraft did not destroy it in the air, or if a significantly foreign object did not disturb the direction of descent to the ground, the aircraft would still have problems landing. The pilot of the Airbus A320 noticed a small drone at an altitude of 213 meters and turned the plane in another direction, The Sunday Times reported. This is about the 60th case of a similar kind in the world.

Flying drones is a serious problem
Having a flying drone is undoubtedly great. For owners of GoPro cameras and other small cameras designed for the extreme with a large field of view, it pays off for marketing purposes, for creators of interesting shots, for those who want to offer something more. It also helps naturalists, nature and water photographers and, increasingly, researchers in the animal kingdom, who have many more opportunities to get closer to wild animals with the drone. But it also serves various speculators who can relatively easily capture your garden, which you have in the yard behind a high fence, on your own terrace, and more and more drones are also used abroad to track places where one does not normally get. It’s only a matter of time before a stray drone somewhere near the airport causes a serious accident. Just pull into the jet engine and disaster is in the world.

A flying drone

Aviation authorities and laws do not address the matter yet
Aviation authorities and laws in no country are very prepared for the achievements of modern times. The use of drones is currently coming to the attention of lawmakers in the United States, but real laws probably don’t exist anywhere yet. At the same time, drones represent, in addition to excellent possibilities and an interesting way of recording, also a problem within privacy, or even a security problem. But if something strange is flying over the garden and it’s not a real plane, helicopter, Superman, or anything alive, it also has a camera and it will take you down, pull it down and display it at home as your trophy. The camera that is part of the drone is usually a very expensive piece. However, flying near the airport is really something that should border on the law or be directly part of it. As with everything, there are likely to be restrictions on flying near airports only after the first plane crashes. The same was true of many other laws in the world and in our country.

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