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Send anonymous telegram: These 5 features have been saved

The Messenger Telegram also offers many options, which can be identified. In this study, NextPit you, as you can best remain anonymous with the WhatsApp alternative. We have five simple tips for you!

The telegram contains a ruff, a data protection alternative to WhatsApp. Dabei is the messenger in his foundations, but he is not so sure. In addition, your e-mail number must be deactivated in the telegram manual and all e-mail contacts must be assigned a message, and a telegram account must be created.

Therefore, I will tell you below what you have to do to remain anonymous on Messenger. With the tips provided, your identity can be relatively well identified.

Information content :

  1. Groups and assignments
  2. Hide hand number
  3. Create online ads
  4. Subtitle connections under your profiles
  5. DO NOT create a username

Tip 1: Insert, add to groups or entries can be found

Add to the list, add more to a group or enter an order. Otherwise every contact in your list can send your number to numerous other users with just one tip: inside further.

Go to settings and data on privacy and security

  1. Controls groups and / or calls
  2. Choose who can add you to a group and / or a call: Everyone, My contacts (or Nobody on calls)
telegram privacy how to stop added to groups
Your contact does not allow all contacts to be added. / © NextPit

Unfortunately, you cannot set the permission to be added to groups to “Nobody”. Instead, you can limit this option to your contacts. It is also possible to choose, to choose from, also to contact one of the contacts, and also to use the group. To do this, simply go to the “Add exceptions” setting under this point. strong>, so that no user: can add you to a call. You can also choose to choose the right instructions. So enter one or more contacts of your choice, allow you to call you or the other way around.

telegram privacy how to stop added to calls
Your account is almost impossible, but you still have to send a telegram. / © NextPit

Tip 2: hide your cell phone number

Here we have the most offensive function, one more anonymity at the telegram to respond: Your phone number can be counted, then Setting up. The manual number can be specified in the contact details.

One of the numbers can be entered, the following information can be found:

  • Go to the settings and data on the cut-off Privacy and security
  • Type in Phone Number
  • Under Who can see my phone number? Nobody chooses
  • Under Do you find me under my number? Choose the option My contacts
how to hide phone number telegram ENG
So your Eure Phone Number at Telegram. / © NextPit

Also, your leader does not change, but no one else can find out. You can also find others in your contacts. Your contact must also be found and / or saved, a contact can be found. Add new information to your account for any of your contacts, you will not be able to find it in the location, you will find it. wart

The telegram is still available in the contacts you want to visit online. When you know your life skills, the little hack is still disabled, not deactivated. Allergists will be able to record the latest news and I will not be able to, but we will not be able to take the course right away.

Hide :

  1. Go to Settings and then to the Privacy and Security section
  2. Steering the setting “Last seen and online”
  3. Under Werf your online status? Choose your Niemand from
telegram privacy how to hide last seen online
So watch your online status and last news on telegram / © NextPit

On this day can no one see that your online session or when you go online. This description is a good idea. Deactivated as soon as possible, this information on other accounts is also not available.

In the practice of being still unaware of the fact that the Telegram is still a grave deed, Eurer’s last connection is open. The most important story is given by Darin, that the Telegram of the present time of the connection is written, but after the entry on this date we have a limited number of views. Under your sub-list of active activities (links) and the required advertisements (right).

telegram privacy how to last seen difference
Public presence (links) and expected presence (right) / © NextPit

There are many possible additions, the telegram is displayed, and your next item is posted: Seconds and 2-3 days ab

  • “This week online”: between 2-3 and 7 days
  • “Online in this month”: between 6-7 days and one month
  • “To be online now”: more as a month (which is also always for use: not advertised, which is still available)

Tip 4: Reach, your Eure Contacts Your profile is relevant, then you can read more

A further interactive interaction, the data protection problem can be found: The description of the message. External use of private or private chats Eure Contacts Contact News and other people or groups more. As standard as possible, these contacts can be used directly and directly to link to the Eurem Profile, which is the name of the Euren name. Controls for simple follow-up settings at:

  1. Go to settings and data on privacy and security
  2. Tip on More instructions
  3. Under Do you want to write a message to my account for my account? Choose your account
telegram privacy how to forward messages
So closed Yours, the Eure Contacts on the Eurer Essays on the Eurer Profile will be extended. / © NextPit

Your account can also be set up, one of the contacts can be systematically selected or accepted, as well as the Eurer news service with the Eurem profile. Personally, I would like the option to become even more extensive and to be able to prohibit the forwarding of messages entirely.

Tip 5: DO NOT create a username

And ending your cell phone number, send the “t.me/username-link” to contact us. That is all well and good, but it carries a great risk: Because it is possible that other users can find you using this username. Your account in the contact search is under “Global Results”. At the Telegram it is the part of the fall. So better not create a username. Of course, if you have a user experience, you can still find and contact someone, but you will not be able to do it later. yet more tips, anonymous to the telegram? Then you are in the comments with you and you still need to, from your general opinion on anonymity and data protection at the telegram.

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