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Do you want to write at the Telegram? So formatted Your Texts

But of course! NextPit includes Euch in this guide, which is still available, italics written or revised.

After receiving a telegram, the highest possible number of the most popular Messenger-Alternatives on WhatsApp. Functionally, the Telegram does not have much to do with competition.

Telegram für iOS und Android: So formatiert Ihr Texte

The simplest way is guided by the context menu. The screenshots are created with the Android version, for iOS it works very quickly:

Method 1: Formats about the context menu

Formats about the context menu
Use the available options (links) or place over the context menu at all options (right) / © NextPit
  1. Write in the chat the desired text
  2. Holds the text and lays down and marked the passages
  3. In the first list, I recommend cutting and copying the formatting options.
  4. For all options, use the context menu on (the three-point icon right or right on Android)
  5. Choosing from options Fett , Italics , Mono , Spreads , Slides >, Link and Normal
  6. Schickt die Nachrichten ab

Method 2: Manually format text

This format is also optional and the formatting works directly from the text. In this fall, the most widely used text area is in the best-of-the-art program, which can be used as a monospace. So funkcioniert’s:


A monospace font is for a very safe, so we know how to play a classic typewriter. In the Telegram, you must read and read the words of the Gravis, which is a false accent`So go Monospace`

So I know your manual in the text or format the pages / © NextPit

Falling your telegram in the desktop version is necessary, you can also use some shortcuts for free Ctrl + B or. Cmd + B, a marked text is available.

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