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Galaxy Z Fold 3: How does Samsung’s Flex Mode work?

The Flex mode of Samsung is exclusive to its foldable smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It is possible to adjust the display on the corner, in which the smartphone is assembled. But is it really useful?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 was released on August 27 with Android OneUI 3.1.1 Download. A version of the Samsung Surface, which is exclusive to the Fold- and Flip-Model gilt – not included, as well as the Flex-Module. This mode is not really new, but it is available on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 in the last year. I like this in my advanced test of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 for some reasons.

I can’t say that this Flex mode is specific, that you can man with your folding smartphone Smartphone, and you can use the relevant information. the day? Spoiler: Not really, but it is a bit like 120 Hz vs 90 Hz – if you are the only one who wants it, you can still think about it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Flex View: turns your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 into a mini laptop (very mini)

The Flex mode is available on the “OneUI 3.1.1” surface, which is connected to the corner, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 display is available. Since the Z Fold 2, Samsung’s foldable devices have been able to detect when the screen is tilted between 75 and 115 degrees.

In addition, we can provide the best applications with a partially covered picture screen on two lines. There is a “Laptop-mode” with the double interior display (the main image) and the other “Zelt” mode with the cover display (see below, under continuous applications). Here we are using the Laptop mode.

Concrete: If your application is on the main screen (which is folded together), you know that you can use a wide range of images, in the “Flex View” mode activate. On this basis, the most important information is provided in the relevant area, while the specific elements of the application or application are provided in the relevant area. to be found.

So you can still get the Galaxy Z Fold 3 flat on a table and use it as a mini laptop. While testing the Flex-View mode with apps for news like Samsung Notes or Google Keep. I was able to type my notes on the lower display while the text was displayed on the inclined upper display.

Das geriche Verfahren funkcijierte mehr oder weniger gut bei den Messengern. At WhatsApp I have a problem with you, but you will be able to use the screen, but the keyboard will be on the keyboard. Danach is functioning normally. At Telegam I have no visual errors.

“Apps on front image screen”

On the Z Fold 2 this function continues continuously. Samsung has provided to rename this feature in the “Apps on Front image screen continue”. Wow – Bravo, Samsung! But seriously: With this function, you can intuitively switch from the unfolded to the folded mode without having to restart an app.

This is a useful use, if you have a GPS application like Google Maps. Your map can be entered in the folded mode, and the number of displays of the folded folds Z Fold 3 can be used. But when you have decided where you want to go, you can simply fold the cell phone – the GPS application continues to work without interruption.

Your continuity function can also be combined with the flex mode. In my Wednesday break in the office I will be able to make the most fascinating videos on the NextPit-Youtube channel with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in “Zelt-Modus”. The screen saver is easily folded and the smartphone is set up on the head. So it is as a tripod, while the content on the cover screen is displayed. When it’s ready to be consumed, videos on the smartphone can be consumed, this day without downloading (yes, you can see it) fast a killer feature.

Apps on front image screen

Flex Labs: Experimental Functions

In this menu you can see the advertisements of the most popular windows and pop-up windows in each app. Regardless of whether the developer intended the support for them or not. And that works with a generally quite good success rate. For example, I loved being able to use the Z Fold 3 in laptop mode with a YouTube video on the split screen above and my Twitter feed on the split screen below.

Also, the Samsung menu has an “Bedienfeld” integrated, with the flex-view mode also available at apps, they are not supported. Based on all the features of the application on the selected screen, translate, while the image screen is a series of tax elements with switching for the operating system:

  • Take screenshots
  • Adjust the menu and download the assignment
  • Adjust the brightness
  • Manage volume

I haven’t used this feature often because most of the applications I used didn’t need these features. Also, this “Flex-Mode Panel” has been used to create a multi-tasking screen. But is it really useful in the end? No or It is very easy to find and really is a great super cool!

It requires. But it’s much less gimmicky than, for example, solos on the Pixel 4 (even if I was a fan), the Fnatic mode on OnePlus smartphones or the Macromodi a smartphones with a 2 MP sensor.

The Flex-View mode for play, with the Z Fold 3 in the Laptop mode, can be found, can be downloaded, and the smartphone can be enlarged. With my great fingers, I find the tips on the keyboard on the phone as well as anything else.

On YouTube, there is also a video, a video on a page of images in the laptop or on the Zelt mode. But couldn’t you do that in full screen mode, too, by unfolding the smartphone completely and leaning it against something to hold it upright? something new. But I think that in the long run they will fully justify the interest in this new form factor that is currently only being ruled by Samsung.

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