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The focus of the VPN industry: should all VPNs be trusted?

For users, VPNs are their saviors from all kinds of online threats, but are they all committed to protecting their privacy or are they playing against the rules of the game? Let’s take care of all these VPN services that alert me and oblige me to write this post in Dark Side of the VPN Industry!

The technology has always had the intention to be subordinate to the humanities, helping to create and develop skills beyond their potential. But what the mayor of the people does not want to be able to say, technology, is a double good for excellence, that can cause love so much and destruction as can be seen in our lives ..

Einstein and his mental experiments were never intended to lead to the despair of the atomic bomb, which is the most physically destructive weapon of the inventory, but we are here in our world, contemplating how we can end up with this amenaza. But these realizations are just a note of the number of us, because of the loneliness in the two Japanese cities that you have the scars that promise to be sick of the fire that llovieron del cielo.

And despite such lessons throughout history, we still have not been able to realize and amend how we can be more proactive in controlling the flow of destruction of the tools we create for our benefit.

But regardless of how powerful nuclear bombs are and how spectacularly horrible the idea of ​​an explosion is, the damage that these weapons of mass destruction can cause remains limited to a certain geographic limit. However, the man is a creature of fun, and it is not possible to be surprised by the fact that you can create things that support you to use and be useful, but some of the most criminal men use it to give human beings ..

Internet, when the first miracles, the dream is perfect. A place where you can access everything. From the conversation with your friends, you can find out who will be elected in Uganda and verify the price of Apple’s shares on Wall Street.

But, what most people don’t realize when on the Internet is that their seemingly harmless activities can get them into serious trouble if they are not kept protected.


VPNs and their role in protecting users:

Su ISP puede inspect your data packages to get your personal navigation information on the Internet and find out the dates of your announcements.

Massive vigilance carried out by them, in order to collect data on citizens in order to control them.

The only thing that will be included in our privacy on the Internet and these are usurpers of data are VPNs. ensure that our Internet connections are connected to a combination of security technologies such as military ciphers and the ethics of privacy as an explicit policy of registry registration.

To connect to the Internet, can you see your online identity and security of your data and Internet activities without being entrenched, but is it really the case?

I have a definite blog, my lens es presentar este aspecto invisible de la The VPN industry has an audience of more than anyone who can understand the situation in which this industry has infiltrated delinquents and other entities that have to work and stop providing services in the industry, which is a source of support / support for others. >

HoneyTrap VPNs:

This is similar to some security guards in the house. Do you know with that gun? Definitely possible, but the mayor of our country is not in this way.

But, what exactly is a VPN HoneyTrap? Accomodated is the name of a movie of the same name in 2014. You can play the game in this way, but you have always committed a very important concept, but you have ignored our times, which is attracting the most inconvenient people. benefits, only for other people.

The VPN HoneyTrap works on a similar premise. The use of VPNs to get the most privacy to connect to the Internet or to use other lenses, such as unblocking web geo-restricted sites and support for torrent torrenting. And to the untrained eye, many VPN sites can give the impression that they are providing a service like no other.

In reality, but the magnitude of the magnitude of this problem has made it impossible to download an VPN Android application that is offensive to a service known as EasyVPN. I’m a reviewer, as you should try to write before you. EasyVPN is on my list of pending sites, which I created to give you the VPN applications on Android with a review of revisions, so this is a test report.

This activity, which entries me with so many frequencies with simulated VPN services, costs me so much that I can’t use my Samsung S5 phone for 2 minutes. Appare to open the most important pornographic sites, extravagantly and very quickly demashed with my mobile phone, to act with my disposable device. and before making my investment, I connected and verified that it was really the VPN application that this was all about another application. But I was surprised that you had an investment that was labeled as this application as the second VPN application was infected with malware in the Play Store. VPN providers who are this, but they are the ones who are in these days, and they are informed that the capital of VPN providers is HoneyTraps.

The magnitude part of the problem:

Facebook. Is your name familiar? And why should I be here? According to everyone, this service has more than 2 million users in the world, which means that Facebook will be a country, the world is the most popular country with millions of people.

And everyone knows that Facebook is a massive service and you have something else, but it is not intranscendent. From the acquisition of Whatsapp to the scandal of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook is in the lead to find out the importance of the data to serve all types of offers. Yes, that’s right. Llamado Onavo, this VPN service is owned and operated by Facebook since its acquisition in 2013.

However, Facebook was not as successful in this attempt to extract even more complex data from estuary users of this VPN service, which is mainly due to surveillance by privacy experts and authorized VPN users who did not let Facebook continue. with its sub-activities with Onavo. Includes no updates in the future. However, the web site is alive and well. So, Facebook has not yet regained its life for extra data, it is embargoed, it was all over the fiasco, but it is hacking in “True Facebook Scale”.

And if Facebook, which thrives and survives by selling user data, has shown so much interest in the VPN field, then how many other similar corporate companies are operating VPN services? ‘I suppose.

Facebook I have a relationship with the data industry industry, but I have a strong interest in this field, I also know how to use a massive platform to commercialize Onavo and convert it to the best VPN service to compete with the biggest players in the industry as ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

On Friday, Facebook announced that we would like to announce a service that would be better than the fact that he had a job and that he did not include an explanation explicitly that he started working in a dominant relationship. We can understand Facebook’s acquisition of social media services like Instagram and Whatsapp and even AI and virtual reality incubators, yet operating a VPN, without even announcing that it raised a lot of doubts, especially mine.

“Use the information we receive to operate and improve the Services, download new products and services, analyze our applications and other applications at your disposal, to provide publicity and related activities, and to other children.

An explicit statement of the “Policy of registered registries” is the Santo Grial of the VPN industry. But I want the wind to be available at the Equivocated Directorate in Onavo.

Your privacy policy, which in reality is entitled “Use of data and permissiveness” The established policy that uses the information of its service for “Best of services ”and“ Download new products and services. ”. And given that Onavo is a property of Facebook, this implication that Onavo is the perfect personification of a “tramp of love”, in which a VPN can be used as an impulse to impulse Facebook’s data mining lenses.

Facebook is not the only corporate power that offers a VPN service at the moment. Other great companies also offer VPNs, but these services ensure that there is no one who is able to protect us.

MindGeek, one of the world’s most popular pornographic sites, also hosts Pornhub.

of which users tend to present official documents as their identity cards, to enter the porn stars as Pornhub.

Verification of the issue without problems, but only after paying a small fee. That’s a sensible process. Connect to a server outside of the UK and enjoy access to adult UK websites. that their users are here to help everyone. From the verification of age elution those same verification systems of age, now MindGeek works. However, the free version of this VPN will offer advertisements that can only be used to buy the premium version of this VPN. invoice for verification of age, then will you go ahead and create a tool that helps that invoura and then again, create a VPN to avoid not only that invoura, but also the AgeID tool?

VPNs are destined to protect users in the dominance of existing digital dominances, and create a well-established environment and offer a VPN solution as a solution. In my opinion, it is similar to creating a fire and a tambourine, but it also takes a fire test, but because of the fire of the continent.

Make it clear that the most important censorship and control of the Internet is that most and more people change the name of the VPN, that this is a very lucrative industry that these big companies are really happy to pay for de.

The Free Services Trap:

It is based on a highly sophisticated infrastructure that includes a complete integration of servicers in the whole world, cipher and desiccation installations, protocol and mass support, all which is free of charge and maintenance and utilization, for profit, the mayor’s office.

Methods include inserting codes of use in the dispositives of the users, keep records of the activity of the users and the number of vendors to the advertisers, convert the dispositives of the users.

In my opinion, I will always be able to subscribe to these free VPN files, for example in the first place, but do not include the realization of the proportion of 10% of the functionality and the value of your counterparts.

Free VPNs cannot bypass the more sophisticated geo-restricted sites like Netflix US, nor do they provide any kind of fast speeds to speak of some of their shortcomings.

The Google Play Store is known for all types of infected applications with malware. Your system for loading and hauling applications is a great way to compare with your most competitive competitor, to say, iTunes store, to find, the official application store for iOS users .

Here’s a picture of a search book that is executed in the application store for the keyword “ExpressVPN”

The scandalous names that do not have a relationship with a VPN’s work like “Yoga VPN” and “Mango VPN” to VPNs with icons that can be used by people in intimate scenes, but you can download Android applications for free and sell VPNs.

But let’s dive a little deeper and let me walk you through things that you and other unsuspecting users might. You can download free Android VPN applications ..

You can search the app store for Google VPN applications on Android, there is a high probability that you will find it with a free service “GO VPN Proxy” Master-Free · no limits ”. It’s free and easy, but it’s safe.

The Free Services Trap

No exactly.

There are some details about the originals of these applications and the company that are in the application market that can be used to deal with high-profile, all-in-one issues, which is the policy of private practice. the developers after this application. Are you Right?

Good, but I am one of those who, as a fanatic of privacy, thought profoundly and intent to be aware of the exact motive behind a service that is surprising and without complications ..

The application also has access to “confidential register data” in layman’s terms that can be used to act on online activities. But isn’t that exactly what a VPN is for protection, is it possible to start your online activities? Not for this VPN. Users don’t usually go through these permissions quite frequently and often flag them to agree, without even realizing to what extent they are jeopardizing their own privacy and mobile data security. .

But, why do you have this application? Good luck, this answer is found in the lower part of the page from this application on Google Play. Depend on the policy of privacy and place the cursor on her and believe that the policy of privacy of this application is re-directed to a site known as “TalkingData”.

Now, following the policy of privacy, which is one of the most privacy policies that he found in a specific VPN, I think that these “Exceptions” are about being able to use your data and this, it is exceptions for cases such as “Directly related to national security and national defense security.” and for “Directly related to the investment penalty, the enlightenment, the justice and the execution of sentences.”.

Well, after all, it is a Chinese company, which operates in a country where the Government is the highest authority in all things. China is aware of the implementation of strict control and censorship on the Internet and its users and a company that has been involved, involved in data mining operations and operates a VPN service, which should be fully implemented.

A VPN that doesn’t exist?

But, scams, nexus, dubious don’t end here as things can go even further in this industry.

Only in proportion to the reference approbatory of the final article, there is a VPN service that can also work with the name of “My VPN is safe”.

With a I will be very informative, this service will be a great step that exists in the industry, because it does not have a VPN in reality, only a service that can be used by the people to play pagans for a service that can no longer exist in the first place.

Make use of your name, you can wait for a legal action of Tunnelbear. the transmission is very popular, in its electronic corrections, in an intent to increase the popularity of the service and use its credibility to attract more and more users to buy VPN ..

Here is a sample of electronic control of this service station. Thousands of such emails were sent to the user incorporating the names of other popular VPN-related services and the transmission domain.

Conclusion :

In 2018, the total market share of the VPN industry was $ 20.6 million, which is expected to increase to $ 35.73 million in 2022, which is in the nearest five years. This indication that this industry is growing enormously and that our users are always aware of the benefits of using a VPN to protect them anonymously online. Great in the industry will also attract scammers and dubious services who are here to partake in this highly lucrative pie. And it’s not just from the sale of VPNs, there is another lucrative drop from this growth and, for example, from massive clumps of data from which users could be fooled by cheating in the form of VPN services.

The only way to do it is to inform the user on how they can identify and stay away from such scams, because no one can stop scammers and dubious providers from playing the game, because after all, the difficult thing is to build a website or Exercise a marketing campaign for electronic business?

To illuminate the users, the main providers of VPN decay, the most important paper. VPNCentral, which rules the heaven in the VPN industry, presents the best free VPNs without registration for Windows 10/11.

This is my great contribution to this experience and creation that most enthusiasts of industry and industry activists present themselves at the forefront of time to develop their paperwork and expose VPN services to experts and experts, who can help you. to save the power that can be found from the point of view of finance and privacy, which, due to everything, is due to the fact that this industry is open.

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