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So you get the Android 12 look immediately on your smartphone

With Android 12, the surfing surface of Google’s operating system is one of the largest applications. From material design to material you – the user only here in focus. Thanks to the developer community, there are many UI features of Android 12 available on Euerm Smartphone.

  • Android 12: new features and new features of new operating systems

The latest version of Android 12 has been released for this fall. Android 10 and 11 stones in September, similar to the ones we also have with version 12 plans. Aber: The owners of Euch will be able to update this day in this year, but the update cycle of Samsung, Xiaomi & Co. Unterscheidet sich stark von dem von Google.

his Zweck feature a series of launchers, widgets and icon packs in the Play Store. With this third-party app, bring your look & feel of Android 12 available on your phone. How it works, it’s still here.

Launcher for the look and feel of Android 12

The launcher is also designed to allow the following widgets and icon packs to be used by other launchers.

In the Play Store there are many different launchers. We hit Nova Launcher vor. It is very popular, flexible and free of charge.

Nova Launcher from the Google Play Store available

After you have downloaded the Nova Launcher, you have to configure the Apply as standard Launcher of the system. This includes the activation of icon packs and widgets in this article.

Android 12 launcher
The most important: The new Launcher must be installed as standard launchers.

Can you still start with Nova-Launcher? Then your natural and other Launcher launches from the Google Play Store. It is very important that the launch of Icon Packs and Widgets is available, which is optimized for the material. We have a list of different launches for Euch.

Finished? Then go further!

Simultaneous settings of Android 12 set

An exact copy of Android 12 is not here yet. Aber die “Mi Control Center” -App kommt dem Vorbild schon recht nahe. Depending on the application of the system, the system functions can be found on the control elements of the telephone and the payment for the wood and control of the screens. The app has over 95,000 ratings in the Play Store and a rating of 4.4. Like: Perfect is not the app yet, comes Android 12 but still wants and offers a few more choices.

My Control Center from the Google Play Store available

Android 12 mi control center
My Control Center brings the fasteners of Android 12 to your smartphone.

Background images from Android 12 download

The wallpaper for Android 12 is ready for a certain time – and many pages have high-resolution versions of images available. You have also downloaded the Russian website of the Russian website. Alternatively, you can also use Android FHD.

To use the images as a background image on your mobile phone, simply download them directly to the device. Then go to the settings in the option Start screen & background> Background> Gallery> Downloads, select the desired image and print on Top strong.

Android 12 wallpaper
You still need Android 12 wallpapers on your handy.

Download widgets from Android 12

Updates are currently available on Beta Version 3.1 of Android 12 – and the system still has no widgets available. Some of the 12 widgets on Android 12 are available in the Apps of Drittanbietern in the Play Store available. Widgets, without KWGT to choose. The free app is one of the best options, you can find it, you can watch & download Android 12 on your phone.

KWGT Custom Widget Maker from the Google Play Store available

KWGT Custom Widget Pro Key from Google Play Store available (€ 4.99)

After your application was downloaded and installed, you need to create a widget for KWGT. Add this widget to your Android widget from the 12-pack. So geht’s:

  1. Long press on the home screen and tap on the Widgets option;
  2. Scrollt down, find your Custom Widget . You can see the widget size on the homepage and you can do it. Tip on the part Click to Setup or print on Resize ;
  3. Open KWGT and navigate to the Android-12-Widget Package. There are 110 widget-options – you can choose from, you can use your image screen;
  4. If your widget is selected, it will be available for processing. Tip on the Save -Switching area in the upper right corner.
Android 12 widgets KWGT setup
Fully configured, has a year with KWGT 110 options for material-based widgets. / © NextPit

The widgets of KWGT come from Android 12 next. The most interesting thing is that the widgets will be able to change the color, and then the background image will be added. Leader claps with the music control and the music player is not so good.

Android 12 widgets 2
With KWGT is possible, the color of the widgets interprets the colors of the background image to be updated


In the Play Store there is a free version for die, which is designed with Android-12 watches in mind. The widgets are also very good, but the color is not in the background. Reinchnuppern in “Material You” recht es allerdings.

Android 12 Clock Widgets from the Google Play Store available

Android 12 widgets
The Android 12 Clock Widgets comes with different options and you can use it on Google I / O, very similar

Download icons from Android 12

A further point of use for users is the icons. The Play Store offers a number of packages. In my test I have the “Pixel Pie Icon Pack” and the “Android 12 Icon Pack” available. Although there is a fee, I liked the last-mentioned variant best and can be seen in the screenshot below.

Android 12 icon pack
These Android-12 icons are based on Leaks.

Das war’s. With the usual add-ons, your smartphone will be available as soon as your Android 12 with the new “Material You” design is installed.

Smartphones with Android-12 update updated in price

Your smartphone Android 12 is not more? Then find your following smartphones from our list of best smartphones 2021. With this I still need support for the latest Android and also other versions of operating systems.

Did you want your tips? Naturally, these suggestions are only available for users – Android 12 brings many more features on your smartphone – because it is worth a great update, you should try it. For your smartphone, you can read it in our Android 12-Update Hub. ? Then we will be over your comments!

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