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How PosteMobile – Navigaweb.net works

How PosteMobile works – Navigaweb.net

PosteMobile subscription guide, tariffs, fixed and mobile coverage

In addition to the classic mobile operators Wind, TIM, Vodafone and 3 Italia, there are many other virtual operators (also called MVNOs) that allow you to rely on one of the above mobile networks to you get a SIM card with minutes, SMS and Giga at decidedly competitive prices. One of the most successful virtual operators is PosteMobile, which is offered by Poste Italiane and is well integrated with other products offered by the post office. , intended for SIM and landlines, and finally how to pay for PosteMobile subscriptions and bills so that you can decide whether to switch to this operator, using the information in the section on switching to PosteMobile.

Postemobile tariffs and SIM activation

If we have decided to activate the PosteMobile SIM card, we advise you to read all the following sections carefully to assess whether it is worth activating a new SIM card with this virtual operator.

PosteMobile Coverage

As PosteMobile is a virtual operator, it does not have its own antennas to cover Italian territory, but “borrows” the antennas of the real operator, which in this case is Tre vent . To check PosteMobile coverage, go to websites and check WindTre coverage.

Bright red areas cover high LTE speeds and bright red areas have limited LTE or 3G coverage; areas without broadband coverage are visible as areas without stains. Both operators have pooled their resources, so we will be able to move indifferently with one or another antenna.
Statistics show that the coverage with 4G LTE is 98.1%, which is certainly a good result for Wind Tre and therefore for PosteMobile, which we will be able to implement at high speed in all major Italian cities and over a large part of Italian territory.

PosteMobile tariffs for mobile phones

After viewing the coverage of PosteMobile, below we will present the best prices and offers we can subscribe to obtain a SIM card, valid for use on smartphones / tablets as well as as a SIM card for surfing on portable modems .

    1. Creami neXt Special Edition: this is a refill offer that allows us to use unlimited calls and SMS to everyone every month in addition to 10, 30 or 50 Giga high speed internet browsing. The basic costs of the offer are EUR 10 per month, with some differences in payment terms (every month for offer 1, every 3 months for offer 2 and every 6 months for offer 3, in the latter case € 8.3 per month).
    2. Create me a WeBack: one of the best PosteMobile offers with unlimited calls and SMS every 50 Giga for € 9.99 per month. Added to this is a special recovery method for unused Gigo each month, which will be converted into a top-up bonus (EUR 1 for every 10 GB of unused) next month.
    3. Create me Relax 100: a limited offer reserved for new customers with unlimited calls and texts up to all 80 Giga high speed internet, which becomes 100 Gb after the first year of subscription. The offer is on sale for 10 EUR for the first 3 months of renewal, then between the fourth and sixth renewal it drops to 9 EUR, and then it is reduced to 8 EUR per month for all further extensions.

Presented offers are constantly changing and changing; If you want to keep up with all the new offers, we recommend that you visit the PosteMobile tariff plans website daily.

PosteMobile tariffs for fixed lines

PosteMobile has also added support for landlines. If you are also interested in a landline phone or a modem for browsing the Internet on a landline phone, you should consider two offers:

        1. PosteMobile Casa: this offer includes calls to national fixed and mobile numbers (no connection costs) for EUR 20.90 per month. Dedicated phone delivery, installation and activation costs are free.
        2. PosteMobile Casa Internet: this offer includes calls to national fixed and mobile numbers (excluding connection fees), unlimited internet (up to 300Mbps for download and 50 Mbps for download) for € 30.90 per month. Delivery and installation of a dedicated phone and modem is free.

Fixed network browsing will benefit from 4G + Linkem mode (mobile data network with no time and consumption restrictions).

How to pay for PosteMobile subscriptions and bills

Now that we have more information about PosteMobile, we’ll show you how easy it is to pay for subscriptions and bills.
Mobile SIM subscriptions will be paid by deducting the remaining credit on our line: so it will be enough to use them regularly to continue using them. To top up your PosteMobile SIM card, simply open a dedicated website and click Refresh .

Sign up now with our Poste Italiane IDs, choose a name and number to top up, then specify a means of payment (credit card or PayPal). Depending on the connection with Poste Italiane, we can also use one of the payment cards offered by the post office (PostePay or BancoPosta), or debit purchases directly from the postal current account so that we always have everything under control. You can pay for Postemobile Casa accounts by money order or direct debit from your current account.
You can also use one of the following applications to top up and pay for PosteMobile accounts:

You can also visit the PosteMobile website and services website to learn more.


If we are convinced by PosteMobile’s offers, we can request our new SIM card (also transferable) at any post office or via the online activation process to receive the SIM card directly at home by courier.

If you want to evaluate the offers of other operators, we recommend that you read our guides Best prices for mobile internet (Tim, Tre, Wind, Vodafone, etc.) Et The best internet offers for LTE / 3G keys for surfing without a fixed line .

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