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Photo with Bokeh effect (blurred background) with smartphone

Photo with Bokeh effect (blurred background) with smartphone

How to take bokeh photos with your smartphone or use background blur later on Instagram or other apps

On Instagram and other well-known social networks (such as Facebook and Twitter), many regular users and well-known photographers share photos with a blur or bokeh effect, bringing together many followers and new shares. If we also want to give our photos taken with a smartphone a little more, in this guide we will show you all the tips for you can take photos with the effect of blur or bokeh with any smartphone .
Show we’ll give you both methods with camera apps built into your phone (which may already have options to achieve these two effects) as well as third-party apps that allow you to take really nice blurry or bokeh photos in a completely automatic way ( just frame and press the shutter button).

How to make a Bokeh effect with the default camera app

If our smartphone is fairly new, it should include a blur or bokeh filter in the built-in camera app settings of the manufacturer. Before trying any other method, open the Camera app on our smartphone and check for a filter or named effect Shifted , Blurred Wallpaper or Bokeh . On some Android smartphones, the Bokeh effect is automatically added to each Portrait photo taken.

To achieve a blur effect with manual camera settings, first set the mode to Manuel, then we act according to the parameters Focus Et Open the shutter so that you can change the blur effect in the photo (in this case you will have to be very good at finding the right focus and shutter values ​​because minimal error will result in very ugly or completely blurred photos).


How to make a Bokeh effect with Instagram

If your default camera app doesn’t allow you to take blurry photos or photos with a bokeh effect, the first app we recommend is Instagram, which is available for free for Android and iOS.

Once installed on our phone, open the app, tap the camera icon in the upper left corner and then use Portrait mode, which can automatically apply the Bokeh effect to all compatible shots (The best results are achieved with the face no more than 2 meters away from the lens). Frame the motif and press the bottom button (larger, with a little man in a circle in Instagram colors); the app will take a photo and automatically apply a very realistic Bokeh effect. At the end of the shoot, we can choose to share the photo directly on Instagram, in an Instagram story, or save it to our phone so we can use it in other apps, instant chats, or other social networks.

Since this is a post-production effect, the effect will not always be convincing: so we still recommend that you try the camera app we have first, where you usually get the best results.

How to make a Bokeh effect with other third-party applications

If the Bokeh effect or blurry photos taken with the default camera app or Instagram app aren’t convincing, we can try other third-party apps designed specifically to create spectacular portraits and blurry photos on quick and easy way.
The best apps we can test for Android and iPhone are:

  1. Focus (Android and iOS): One of the best apps for creating blurry photos or portraits with instant bokeh effect. It’s available for free on Android, and costs about $ 1 on the iPhone.
  2. Bokeh Lens (iOS only): A paid iPhone-only app that can be used to capture blurry photos with a professional-style Bokeh effect, the same as with the SLR .
  3. Bulbs (iOS only): A free app is available that allows you to take completely blurry photos with the Bokeh effect even on iPhones that don’t have a suitable lens (all smartphones below iPhone 7 Plus).
  4. Good – Photo Editor (iOS only): Another paid iPhone app that can apply the Bokeh effect to real-time shots and edit photos already taken.
  5. Cool Apps Blur (Android only): This free app will allow you to get blurry photos on a professional level, comparable to those you get with a professional photographer’s SLR camera.
  6. Photoshop Mobile Apps (Android only): Another app similar to the previous one, with which blur and hips can be used on both real-time and pre-captured photos.
  7. Camera FV-5 (Android only): An alternate camera app that offers great control over your photo settings, so you can manually create your own blur effect just by playing with the right options. Reserved for professionals or those who know very well which parameters need to be changed to reproduce the Bokeh effect.

If you want to try other alternative basic camera applications offered by the manufacturer, we invite you to read our two guides (one for each operating system), namely The best Android camera apps for taking photos with your mobile phone Et The best apps for taking photos with your iPhone and better photos .


As we saw in this guide, blur or bokeh photography is really very easy, as many manufacturers already offer blur in camera settings. Alternatively, we can always use Instagram (which has a special artificial intelligence that can automatically recognize the face and then apply the effect) or one of the many apps to blur photos (photos that need to be taken and those already saved. Our gallery) .

If we already have photos stored on our computer and want to blur them in some places, you can read our guide on how to Delete photos and blur the background that highlights part of the image . If, on the other hand, we have the opposite problem (i.e. photos that are too blurry and blurry), we can try to fix the blurring errors by reading our two guides on how to Focus Blurred Photos and Blurred Images and How to Enhance blurry photos online by sharpening them .

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