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Wi-Fi camera Tp-Link Tapo C210: protects, monitors, stores!

Comfort and safety are important conditions that we try to maintain every day. After all, they are so important for our peace. That’s why Tp-Link offers us its device, which will actively help us in this! Meet the Tp-Link –!


  • Ultra-high definition video that captures each image with a crystal clear 3 MP resolution
  • Rotation-angle mechanism with horizontal rotation range 360º
  • Improved night vision that provides a visual distance of up to 9 m
  • Motion detection and notification in case of motion detection
  • Sound and light alarms, how to activate light and sound effects to scare away unwanted visitors
  • Two-way audio for built-in microphone and speaker
  • Secure storage that locally stores up to 256 GB on a microSD card, corresponding to 512 hours (21 days) of footage (subject to laboratory conditions)
  • Voice controls that free your hands with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa


In the box from Tp-Link Tapo C210, you will find:

  • Power Adapter
  • Documentation
  • The Tapo C210 itself
  • Mounting plate
  • Mounting screws
  • Camera Basis

Tapo C210 Wi-Fi Camera


As for its design, it reminds me of a space cute robot cartoon character. Children will appreciate. Seriously, this cute “muzzle” hides the functionality of a real security guard and more on that later.

Thus, the structure is a base support on which the spherical chamber is attached.

The Tapo C210 case is made of matte plastic. Mostly white, but the inner “ball” with the lens wrapped in black.

The dimensions of the camera are as follows: 86.6 × 85 × 117.7 mm.

In front we see a lens, infrared sensors, a microphone and an LED indicator. If you turn the camera unit up, you can access the slot for a microSD memory card and the button to restart the camcorder to factory settings. Below is the Tapo logo.

On the back is the speaker, embossed Tp-Link logo and power connector. By the way, the power wire is 5 m and I think it’s very cool

At the bottom there is a seat for removable mounting. There are also a huge number of service inscriptions and markings, as well as three rubber feet for camera stability.

There are two ways to install the camera: standard and ceiling. For the second set there is a suitable removable mount, which will help to install the complete screws and mounting template.


As I said, the Tp-Link Tapo C210 has a lot of real security features.

So, let’s get acquainted with this functionality:

    • Detect motion and send alert immediately.
    • Receive a message when the camera detects movement at home.
    • Advanced night vision mode.
    • High definition video.
    • Real-time viewing and two-way audio.
    • Privacy mode and secure local storage.
    • Local memory.
    • Detailed view of the room.
    • Ability to share (share) every memorable moment.

The Tapo C200 camera records Full HD video with the H.264 codec. Night vision is provided by an 850-nm infrared sensor. You can see something or someone in complete darkness at a distance of up to 9 meters, as the manufacturer assures us.

S small girl reading a book in the room

Only 2.4 GHz devices can be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The “thief” feature works great and captures literally everything. Zones in which the movement will be recorded – you can set yourself.

The built-in speaker and microphone work at a pretty good level. And yes, you can talk thanks to these speakers and microwave. That is, you can say something to the camera or, conversely, output a voice message from the camera. I think it’s very functional.

MicroSD cards are supported up to 256 GB.

The Tapo C200 can move both vertically and horizontally (360 °) to see more in a protected space.

The camera automatically switches from day to night mode and vice versa. In daylight from the window, you can easily see the HQ-quality face and some small features. In the application you can make a digital zoom with a double tap. The night shooting also did not disappoint, at a distance of 2-4 meters, in principle, you can distinguish the face and the overall silhouette of a person without much effort.


It turns out that the camera is set up quite quickly and easily in a few steps:

        • Choose a location for the camera and turn it on by plugging it in.
        • Downloading the app
        • Follow all recommendations in the application

In the application itself, a fairly easy and intuitive menu that will allow you to adjust the camera to the tasks you need. Just as easily, you can receive notifications and photo / video reports here.

There are image inversion features that are relevant when your camera is mounted on the ceiling, video recording quality, recording schedule and more.

The app can be synced with other smart home management apps (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.).

By the way, the application allows you to support 32 Tapo cameras.

There are also ready-made scenarios for controlling Tapo smart devices.


In my opinion, the Tp-Link Tapo C210 camera is, today, a great solution for those who want to provide full daily control of your home or apartment. At the same time, the Tapo C210 camera will delight you with its good functionality in a compact design with a nice price tag and a guarantee of quality in the Tp-Link style.

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