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Acer Swift 3, a laptop for less than 650 € that takes advantage of Intel Evo

Windows 11 is finally available, but compatible computers are often expensive. This is why Acer has extended its range with a refreshed Acer Swift 3 and equipped with the latest operating system from Microsoft! The latest from Acer is available with a base price of € 699.99. Already affordable for a laptop PC running Windows 11, the Acer Swift 3 benefits from a discount of 50 € on the occasion of its launch on Cdiscount.

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Despite its price, Acer’s netbook does not have much to envy more robust machines. As part of the Cdiscount offer, it comes with a bag that will protect it from trips and small falls. A small pocket will allow you to slip in accessories such as its charger, a USB key or a wireless mouse.

Intel Evo, the new platform for laptops equipped with Intel processors

Windows 11 has been released recently and it can be difficult to know which machine is compatible or not with the latest operating system from Microsoft . Fortunately, Intel offers a wide range of processors and laptops capable of hosting Windows 11. To help you find your future computer running Windows 11, the brand has launched Intel Evo.

This small logo brings together all the possibilities offered by the brand’s processors for laptops. Intel Evo’s goal has been to create computers that meet the demands of hyper-mobility induced by teleworking for over a year. Thus, Intel Evo stamped computers are able to wake up instantly from standby. Those equipped with a Full HD screen will enjoy an autonomy of more than 9 hours.

Connectivity is also not left out and remains a key factor in the mobility of ‘a device. This is why Intel integrates the Wi-Fi 6 and the Bluetooth 5, much more capable than their old iterations on The speed of an ADSL line can be 1024 kbps for example in reception. On reception, this value is debits and stability. Finally, Intel offers Thunderbolt , a connection based on the USB-C standard and which offers speeds up to 40Gb / s in its latest version. This port allows the transfer of large volume of data in record time or connection to a high definition external display.

Acer Swift 3

Combined with the power of the 11 th generation of Intel processors, they provide a smooth experience when using the ‘computer without sacrificing autonomy.

Windows 11 becomes accessible with the Acer Swift 3

The Acer It was designed specifically to observe and study in visible radiation, gamma and X, the mysterious bursts Swift 3 features an 11 th generation i5 processor derived from the Tiger Lake chips. This processor is optimized for the mobility demands of laptops and comes with an Intel iGPU The iris plant
Its Iris Xe who you will support graphic tasks. Add to that 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage SSD NVMe for a time to start and open application as rapid When static electricity accumulated in the air suddenly discharges, the gases in the atmosphere are heated and ionized. There is formation of a plasma and emission flash . Finally, Windows 11 comes pre-installed on this new Acer Swift, so no need to bother with Microsoft’s upgrade process.

To complete this beautiful technical sheet, there is a 14-inch Full HD screen as well as a crystals and amorphous solids connection
To scale solid : Thunderbolt 4, jack, HDMI , USB 3.2 Everything is there! The infrared camera will allow you to ‘use the solution of authentication biometric Windows Hello, practical to unlock your PC without entering your password . For those wearing a mask in their workplace, the Acer Swift 3 also offers a fingerprint reader .

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