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CSA presented its new Airbus A330-300 for the Prague Seoul route

On April 1, Czech Airlines airline presented its latest addition to the business partners, media and ticket sellers in the form of a large-capacity Airbus A330 aircraft with a capacity of 272 passengers. The largest aircraft of the Czech carrier will be primarily intended for the Prague – Seoul route, and thanks to the Korean partner, the company got to this compared to other aircraft, the colossus.

Large, comfortable and spacious
The novelty-smelling aircraft has more than 250 economy-class seats arranged in double rows on the sides and four seats in the middle. A total of two aisles run across the plane from front to back in one plane. At the front there are two dozen business class seats providing absolute comfort, adjustable seats and plenty of space around and behind. Television away from the eyes and plenty of storage space allow you to organize printing, reading and entertainment along with food and drink all around you. Even the economy class seats are not very cramped. Unlike other A330s, which can be increased in number, this particular machine remains with 272 seats, and even the most demanding passengers will find plenty of space.

Airbus A330-300

Passenger service and care
Comfort is also provided by flight attendants who offer in-flight meals and drinks in the classic airline. Due to long-haul flights, a richer place setting, a richer selection of food, appetizers and drinks can be expected. The business class traditionally includes an even more varied selection of dishes, nuts, drinks and the like. During the long years of man eating mothers, we tried to imagine what it is like to sit in one place for several hours. Even though there are alleys and plenty of toilets and you can walk around them, you don’t have to be bored with the screen that every seat has.

Airbus A330-300 seats

Screen in front of you and entertainment
This shows flight, speed, distance, and briefing information. You can also select the driver below the screen. On the one hand, there is an extensive ability to control movies and music, on the other hand, it is a game controller with a complete alphanumeric keyboard. The whole device has a USB port where you can play your pictures, movies or holiday pictures. You feel a bit like in the future, as you can view and check the photos on the way home from vacation – for example from Korea or Australia, Singapore, China and the like, ie from countries that the Prague – Seoul line can connect. From the games that are pre-installed, you can choose from logic games, puzzles, or racing cars. Of course in simpler graphics. You can also choose from some movies.

Airbus A330-300 screens

Airfans have sold out seats
At the end of February, special tickets were on sale for promotional flights between Prague, Ostrava and Bratislava. Air travel enthusiasts sold out tickets as they could test what it’s like to travel in business class for a small amount of money.


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