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Multifunction TVs of the future and commitment to the principles of environmental friendliness from Samsung

Samsung Electronics presented the portfolio of the 2021 campaign: Neo QLED, MICRO LED and designer TVs. The new line underscores Samsung’s commitment to accessibility, stability and innovation, helping to rethink the role of TVs in users’ homes. Samsung is celebrating its 15th year in the world market under the slogan “Screens everywhere, screens for everyone”.

Comfortable viewing

Samsung’s accessibility features are now available on all 2021 QLED and Neo QLED models. The line includes features such as Caption Moving, Sign Language Zoom, and Multi-Output Audio, which allows people who are partially or completely hearing or vision loss, optimize viewing according to their needs and preferences.

Quantum leap in the field of TV display technology

Samsung introduces new Neo QLED display technology for the flagship 8K (QN900A) and 4K (QN90A) models. The company takes QLED to the next level thanks to a new light source – Quantum Mini LED backlight. It is powered by Quantum Matrix technology and a powerful Neo Quantum processor optimized specifically for Neo QLED. Quantum Matrix provides extremely fine and precise control of tightly packed LEDs, preventing excessive color and light distortion, allowing viewers to enjoy the content.

Quantum leap in the field of TV display technology

New browsing experience

The 2021 Samsung Neo QLED 8K boasts the sleek design of the Infinity One, a limitless screen with a subtle bezel for an even more immersive view. The new slim One Connect module for external connections is attached to the back of the TV, which is easy to install and does not burden the living space. The 2021 Neo QLED 8K is also equipped with several premium audio features. Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS) projects dynamic playback as you move objects on the screen, and SpaceFit Sound analyzes the physical environment around the installed TV and creates exciting audio tailored to the environment.

TV as a replacement for a computer

Samsung users can remotely connect work PCs to the TV to work or study at home on the big screen. They also have direct access to MS Office 365 via the TV’s web browser to create and edit documents. You need to install Easy Connection and log in to your Samsung account – and the TV will automatically connect to your PC.

Reasonable consumption

In the coming years, Samsung is embarking on Going Green’s environmental journey to align its television business with a range of long-term sustainable development programs.

  • Reduce carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency.
  • Eco-friendly packaging design. They will not use traditional oil-based ink for TV boxes, which will further reduce waste. In addition, the kit includes instructions for creating a cat house, children’s toy, bookshelf from a cardboard box. The range of items will grow in the future.
  • Solar Remote Control Charged from indoor or outdoor lighting, as well as via USB. This will prevent damage from more than 90 million AAA batteries over the next 7 years.

TV as a replacement for a computer

“Smart Coach”

The 2021 Samsung Neo QLED 8K and 4K offer smart features that expand the role of the TV and help consumers meet their changing needs when it comes to fitness, entertainment and home office.

Samsung Health is turning your home into a personal gym, and the new Smart Trainer feature tracks and analyzes posture in real time. During and after your workout, Smart Trainer provides feedback to help you count reps and estimate calories burned.

Unforgettable gaming

Two exclusive TV features will make gaming unforgettable. Super Ultrawide GameView allows you to play not only with a wide aspect ratio (21: 9), but also with ultra-wide – 32: 9. The wider field of view ensures that gamers will not miss a single important moment. Thanks to the Game Bar, you can quickly monitor and adjust the main aspects of the game: switch the aspect ratio of the screen, check the delay of the input signal, connect the headset. And FreeSync Premium Pro minimizes layering.

Micro LED: ultra-large TVs

With the new line of 2021, Micro LED technology will be available in the form factor of a traditional TV, guaranteeing users an incredible visual experience with the next generation’s ultra-large screen. 110 “and 99” models are available, and smaller sizes will appear at the end of the year.

The Micro LED line uses micrometer LEDs, which eliminates the need for backlighting and color filters, unlike conventional displays. 24 million individually controlled LEDs are self-illuminating and create extremely realistic colors. And thanks to the monolithic design, in which the screen occupies 99% of the front panel, all that the user will see is astonishing –
high quality image.

Micro LED: ultra-large TVs

Four screens at a time

Samsung’s smart TV features have been updated so that users can fully enjoy all the benefits of massive Micro LED displays. For example, with 4Vue (Quad View), you can view four different content sources on the same screen. Viewers can connect several external devices to watch, for example, several sports matches or play a video game and watch it live – all in incredible quality and size.

No less exciting is the dynamic sound of Micro LED. The Majestic Sound system provides incredible 5.1-channel audio, turning any room into a home theater without any additional speakers.

Improving interior TVs

Samsung’s 2021 line of lifestyle TVs has been enhanced with new designs and form factors to reflect changing consumer interests and tastes. Since its launch in 2017, The Frame has rethought what TV should look like, turning displays into extraordinary works of art.

The 2021 Frame is based on its innovative heritage, offering more opportunities for personalization in a more delicate way. This version is almost twice as thin as its predecessors, which corresponds to the depth of the traditional picture frame. To harmoniously complement the aesthetics of any room, the new interchangeable frame is available in five colors and two styles – Modern and Beveled.

By subscribing to the all-new Art Store, users will have access to more than 1,400 carefully selected works of art. Updated artificial intelligence better analyzes individual preferences and more accurately recommends works of art.

Samsung’s portfolio of TVs, including The Frame, The Serif, The Sero, The Terrace and The Premiere, will improve the decor of any home with almost endless customization options.

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