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Light from Philips Hue: a new level of interaction and decor!

Philips smart light promises to show us how light can be smart and how it can help us in life. So, meet Philips Hue!

In short, Philips Hue is a smart lighting for a smart home, with which you can wrap your home, apartment or room with coziness, comfort and your own design vision. And all thanks to the huge number of lighting scripts that can be installed to your unique preferences.

Note that Philips Hue, unlike other smart lighting solutions, has significant advantages that make it one of the best and most desirable solutions for purchase and use. Because Philips Hue has:

  • Easy, fast and intuitive setup that is available for you: Voice, Philips Hue, Philips Hue Sync on PC or Philips Hue devices and accessories
  • huge range of products and kits for light control for personal whims
  • a huge number of ready-made light scenarios with the ability to create your own lighting use
  • remote light control and management
  • adjust the light to your biorhythms
  • sync light with movies, music, and games
  • using light as a natural alarm clock

Today the range Philips Hue in Ukraine is quite large and consists of:

  • starter kits
  • screw-in lamps
  • LED strips
  • table lamps
  • lighting panels
  • and accessories for interacting with light

By the way, in the near future the Ukrainian market plans to expand the range Philips Hue .

So here you will find everything you may need to implement your own lighting project.

Light from Philips Hue

Philips Hue Lamps

Let’s start with the basics of Philips Hue – lamps. Щ odo screws for Philips Hue, to date, the range of lamps includes:

  • Philips Hue smart lamp with E14 warm white light base and 2 lamp set
  • Philips Hue smart lamp with GU10 warm white base and dual lamp set
  • Philips Hue smart lamp with E27 socket in warm white light and Philips Hue smart lamp with E27 socket capable of 16 million colors
  • Philips Hue smart lamp with E27 socket with powerful and bright white light at 15.5W (1600 lumens, equivalent to 100 W)

Philips Hue Lamps

Philips Hue smart lamps make it easy to develop a lighting plan for any room and have two control options:

  • via Bluetooth
  • via the Philips Hue Bridge control unit

This is what provides flexibility to meet the needs of the consumer.Philips Hue

Philips Hue Bluetooth and Philips Hue

Philips Hue Bluetooth lets you turn the light on and off, choose your own light scenarios, create your own design and choose your own settings. You can also connect lamps on the control unit Philips Hue Bridge to take advantage of the full range of smart lighting features.

To do this, you are prompted to install the Philips Hue application, but without the Bluetooth set-top box.

And yes, the manufacturer has two applications Philips Hue and Philips Hue Bluetooth, which are available on Android and iOS.

You can use Philips Hue Bluetooth as a starting point when you have several multiple lamps using a Bluetooth connection.

Connecting Philips Hue lamps

Connecting Philips Hue lamps is extremely easy and fast!

  1. We choose and buy a lamp that interests us
  2. Screw it into the chosen place in the interior
  3. Download Philips Hue Bluetooth
  4. Find and connect our lamp through this application

And all, enjoy and enjoy the unsurpassed light from Philips Hue.

Philips Hue Starter Kits

Philips Hue starter kits allow you to create a unique light color atmosphere in any room. Each set includes three smart lamps with E27 base, control unit Philips Hue Bridge and remote control Philips Hue Dimmer .

There are two sets and they differ in the color of the light of the lamps included in them. One with exclusively white light bulbs and the other with multicolored lamps.

Philips Hue Light Control Accessories

There are three light control accessories:

Philips Hue Bridge Control Unit is the heart of the Philips Hue smart lighting system, which can combine and control up to 50 lamps and 12 accessories . Just plug it in and use the Philips app Hue for customizing scripts, timers, custom lighting options, and more.

By the way, using Philips Hue Bridge is also an advanced management feature:

    • sensors
    • voice control
    • geotargeting
    • Collaborate with media devices
    • , etc.

In addition, it is not Wi-Fi technology that is used for management, but ZigBee, which, in turn, allows you to reduce power consumption, not overload your home network and increase system security.

Philips Hue Motion Motion Sensor is completely wireless, and the built-in battery is designed to work for several years. In addition to the motion sensor, the device also has a built-in light sensor with adjustable sensitivity, which opens up a wide range of options for setting optimal operating scenarios and achieving maximum energy savings.

Philips Hue Dimmer is both a remote control and a dimmer. It can be easily attached to the wall with the attached adhesive tape and can be removed from the magnetic base for use as a remote control.

Philips Hue lighting control features are also complemented by Philips Hue Sync, which can be installed on Mac and Windows. With it, you will be able to supplement your PC with new light usage scenarios and get a new level of emotion from playing, watching videos or other usage scenarios. And, light from Philips Hue, you can control by voice with such popular services as:

        • Amazon Alexa
        • Apple HomeKit
        • Google Assistant
        • NEST
        • SmartThings
        • and others

It seems to be the first and only intelligent light system that supports so many voice assistants.

Philips Hue LED Strip

Philips Hue LED strip is a flexible LED strip that will allow you to implement interesting and non-standard solutions anywhere in your home. Set the right shape, attach to any hard surface and enjoy a powerful stream of light or millions of shades of your favorite colors. Supported up to 10 m of tape (total, using extension cords) from one power supply. LED strip Philips Hue can be connected to the control unit Philips Hue Bridge to control lighting and use many smart automation functions at home. To increase the light surface of the Philips Hue LED strip, which is 2 m, there is an extension that will give you + 1 m of light.

Philips Hue Play light panels

Philips Hue Play light panels allow you to really create something incredibly bright! Place them on the floor, put them on the closet or place them on the TV and paint the wall with your favorite light.

Please note that to use all the features of the light panel Philips Hue Play you need to buy a control unit Philips Hue Bridge, not included.

All Philips lamps and luminaires Hue can be synchronized with the image on the computer screen or TV and will create a dynamic backlight ( Ambient Light), thus involving you even more in what is happening on the screen.

Philips Hue Play panels are very easy to connect, move and use for really interesting design projects. Today Philips Hue Play adorns your gaming battlefield, tomorrow it creates the atmosphere of a movie theater, and at night it can be used as a night light. And that’s not all usage scenarios!

Philips Hue Bloom.

Create the right mood with the compact Philips Hue Bloom design luminaire, which can produce 16 million shades of light. Just plug the Bloom lamp into a wall outlet and use it to scatter colorful lighting as a stand-alone lamp, or you can integrate it into your lighting system Philips Hue as a source of accent lighting. And to use the full range, just add the control unit Philips Hue Bridge.

The Philips Hue Bloom table lamp is available in black or white.

Philips Hue Iris table lamp

Table lamp Philips Hue Iris, also available in two colors: black and white and the same as Philips Hue Bloom , is capable of emitting 16 million shades of light.

Philips Hue Go Portable Lamp

Portable lamp Philips Hue Go, allows you to carry smart lighting with you. Works as a stand-alone light source or as part of your intelligent lighting system with control unit Philips Hue Bridge.

Also Philips Hue Go has another unique feature / feature – “candle” mode. Now it can be activated only from the button located on the back of the lamp. Add romance or nostalgia to your evening!

Philips Hue – your limitless possibilities for mastering light

So, as you understand, thanks to the Philips Hue lighting system, you can implement any of your own desired use scenarios at home. from a cozy romantic bedroom, a Hawaiian party in the guest room to a professional gaming venue or a modern home theater.

Philips Hue is a huge range of lighting devices that are ready to give you the opportunity to turn the light in your home into a work of art and a smart tool that you can control in a convenient way for you in seconds. And most importantly, everything is implemented easily and completely under your control!

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